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Sigma-Aldrich Launches Lentiviral shRNA Gene Family Set

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Sigma-Aldrich, a member of The RNAi Consortium (TRC), has introduced the first available shRNA gene family set in lentiviral format for direct use in gene silencing.

Sigma claims that, the MISSION TRC shRNA Human Tumor Suppressor Gene Family is the first in a series of shRNA target sets that allow for rapid RNAi cell-based screens in mammalian systems not easily manipulated by traditional siRNA.

The lentiviral transduction particle format is designed to eliminate the need to propagate bacterial cells, purify plasmid DNA or undertake the lengthy process of preparing virus.

Lentiviral-based shRNA can be used to create a stable knockdown in almost any mammalian cell type, including primary and non-dividing cells.

"Understanding the role of tumor suppressors in cancer biology and drug response is a key factor of cancer research," said Christina Bailey, Global Strategic Market Manager, Functional Genomics.

"This collection will enhance drug discovery screens and provide insight into the mechanisms of tumor progression."

"The tumor suppressors assembled in this set are ideal for high-throughput screens and the establishment of stable knockdown cell lines."

The MISSION TRC shRNA Human Tumor Suppressors are also available as bacterial glycerol stocks. This gene family is the second of its kind in the MISSION TRC product offering.

The shRNA Human Kinase set in glycerol format was recently released, consisting of 630 kinase targets. Additional gene family sets are anticipated over the next few months.