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Sigma-Aldrich Technology Simplifies Biomarker Discovery

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Sigma-Aldrich announced that its ProteoPrep® 20 LC Column that will simplify biomarker discovery by removing more biological noise.

With this tool, proteomic researchers will be able to delve deeper into the plasma proteome and save significant time with less fractions to assess in the analysis phase, the company says.

The ProteoPrep 20 LC Column can remove the twenty abundant proteins from human plasma and serum at 98% efficiency. Additionally, the remaining significant proteins can be concentrated and magnified 20-fold or greater, allowing researchers to delve deeper.

"We recognize biomarker discovery as one of the central missions of proteomic research and better drug development to help the human condition. We are proud to provide researchers with yet another best-in-class technology to accelerate their discovery and validation goals. The ProteoPrep 20 LC Column demonstrates our commitment to biomarker discovery and to the greater Proteomic research community," said Tim Fleming, Director of Global Strategic Marketing, Proteomics, Sigma-Aldrich.

According to Sigma-Aldrich, the high capacity ProteoPrep 20 LC Column can accommodate a plasma or serum sample of 100 microliters and can be used to deplete a minimum of 100 samples. This enables immunodepletion of more than 10,000 microliters of serum or plasma.

The liquid chromatography version of the ProteoPrep20 technology is compatible with chromatography systems and is therefore more automated. Sigma will also continue to offer the spin column formats.