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SYGNIS Announces Global Launch of TruePrime™ WGA Kit

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SYGNIS AG has announced the global launch of TruePrime™ WGA kit, the second product of its TruePrime™ product line for whole genome amplification (WGA).

SYGNIS TruePrime™ product family covers a series of kits for whole genome amplification based on SYGNIS’ proprietary revolutionary TruePrime™ technology, processing multiple displacement amplification (MDA) for use with various DNA or RNA species from a variety of samples for a multitude of applications.

Based on the combination of SYGNIS’ recently discovered DNA primase TthPrimPol with its Phi29 polymerase, SYGNIS’ TruePrime™ technology stands for a revolution in the way DNA or RNA are amplified from a sample.

While the current standard technologies in WGA need short pieces of DNA (“oligonucleotides”) to start the reaction, the TruePrime™ technology does not need any synthetic random primers at all.

Like SYGNIS’ first product dedicated for the amplification of DNA from single cells, the new product for the amplification of entire genomes from various sample types and smaller volumes shows outstanding capabilities including the complete absence of common artifacts linked to the use of oligonucleotides, a reduced amplification bias in genome coverage compared to methods using random synthetic primers, a surpassing reliability as the technology is insensitive to external DNA contaminations and a high reproducibility.

In addition, TruePrime™ WGA Kit shows superior sensitivity, is easy to use and works perfectly well with all commonly used NGS platforms such as Illumina and Ion Torrent.

The superior features of the TruePrime™ WGA Kit make this product highly attractive for a wide range of applications and downstream analyses in all areas where researchers are working with limited sample volumes but do not need to obtain DNA from individual cells such as in human genetics, personalized medicine, oncology, diagnostics and pathology, to name just a few.

“We are very proud and excited about the launch of our second kit from our TruePrime™ product line for whole genome amplification,” Pilar de la Huerta, CEO and CFO of SYGNIS commented. “With this second product launch within just four weeks and the various distribution agreements we recently signed for Europe and North America, we are strongly executing on our product and commercialization strategy. We are committed to sustaining this strong momentum and will continue to further expand our portfolio with highly innovative products.”

The TruePrime™ WGA kit is in stock and will be globally commercialized mainly through distributors as well as through SYGNIS’ own TruePrime™ online shop under www.sygnis.com/shop. TruePrime™ WGA Kit is available in two formats, containing 25 or 100 reactions.

SYGNIS has started an extensive promotional mailing campaign to all potential users in the molecular biology field. The Company plans a wide range of additional marketing events around the product launch including presentations at key international scientific meetings and conferences including the currently held US Advances in Genome Biology and Technologies (AGBT) meeting and the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting in March, to name just two. In addition the company will organize a special TruePrime™ webinar in March hosted by the inventor of this technology and scientific board member of SYGNIS, Prof. Luis Blanco.

SYGNIS is currently developing a series of additional TruePrime™ kits for a variety of applications that are expected to be launched throughout 2015.