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Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Sample Preparation Portfolio

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has introduced the Thermo Scientific HyperSep SLE chromatographic sample preparation option for processing and simplifying extraction of samples from complex biological matrices.

The new sample preparation format offers a fast, effective method to reduce sample background and concentrate the desired analytes.

The HyperSep™ SLE technology gives greater reproducibility and reliability in sample preparation compared to Liquid/Liquid Extraction (LLE). And, unlike protein precipitation techniques, it removes contaminants such as phospholipids.

The solid supported liquid/liquid extraction (SLE) solution offered by HyperSep SLE also provides a platform for greater automation and analyte purity, reduces solvent requirements and can prevent complications such as emulsification of the separate phases.

Biological samples are frequently in the form of complex liquids that contain a wide variety of compounds and chemistries.

Reducing the complexity of the sample matrix significantly diminishes background interferences, and this increases the sensitivity of the separations technique.

With a treated diatomaceous earth stationary phase, and formats to handle a number of sample volumes, the HyperSep SLE range provides optimized solutions for sample extraction from biological matricies.