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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches New High-Performance Water Baths

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A new line of water baths has been equipped with innovative features designed to provide laboratories with reliability, optimized workflows and increased productivity.

The Thermo Scientific Precision water baths are designed to save valuable benchtop space with smaller footprints compared to previous models while maintaining excellent temperature uniformity and stability.

With rugged construction and advanced temperature control, the product family includes on and off automatic timers for efficient work scheduling. In addition, audible alarms help protect samples by alerting users to temperatures exceeding the defined range, and the icon-based graphical user interface has four preset options for easy navigation and use.

“As a mainstay within the vast majority of life science laboratories, where bench space is at a premium, researchers need to be confident that their water bath is efficient and reliable,” said Chris Wilkes, general manager of temperature control products at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The new general purpose water baths easily fit into many spaces with their reduced footprint. The full portfolio has a number of new features to help researchers simplify operation, including drains and raised, hinged lids that stay open and accommodate large 500 mL flasks.”

The new Precision portfolio includes general purpose, shaking, circulating and coliform water baths. Each line has slightly different features to meet various application needs, but all are easy to maintain and clean with their coil-free interior.

Other product features include low fluid protection for increased safety, and a gable cover that can be hinged open when using the bath.