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Thermo Fisher Scientific Showcases Innovations at Biotechnica 2011

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. will showcase its latest technological innovations in analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents within Thermo Scientific Stand G53, Hall 9 at Biotechnica 2011, being held Oct. 11-13, in Hannover, Germany.

In addition, as part of the Innovation Forum during Biotechnica, the company will detail its new Thermo Scientific Direct PCR portfolio in a presentation entitled “Versatile tools for molecular biology workflows.”

The Innovation Forum will begin at 2:45 p.m. on Oct. 13, in Stand F69, Hall 9 and will focus on methods for optimizing molecular biology workflows. These workflows - from nucleic acid purification to amplification of target sequences using PCR - demand precision in each step to maintain the integrity of downstream data.

For target sequence amplification, the Thermo Scientific PCR product line offers a complete portfolio of reagents, instruments and plastics.

The Thermo Scientific PCR line offers significant time- and cost-saving advantages by enabling amplification without purification. This is possible because robust Thermo Scientific Phusion and Phire DNA polymerase enzymes incorporate fusion protein technology, in which a dsDNA binding domain is attached to the polymerase to enhance their PCR performance.

As a result, when combined with the Thermo Scientific Piko thermal cycler and ultra-thin walled plastics, an entire amplification protocol can be completed in 30 minutes.

Visit Thermo Scientific Stand G53, Hall 9 at Biotechnica 2011 to see the latest innovations in:

• PCR Reagents, Thermal Cyclers and Consumables
• Reagents for Molecular Biology
• High-Performance, Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
• High-Productivity Centrifuges and Carbon Fiber Rotors
• Flexible Liquid Handling and Microplate Instrumentation Solutions
• Advanced CO2 and Microbiological Incubators and Ovens
• Cell Culture and Sample Storage Systems
• Industry-leading Water Purification and Shakers
• Smart Vue Wireless Monitoring Solutions