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Tute Genomics Launches MyGene Portal for Genome-guided Medicine

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At the TEDMED conference, Tute Genomics has announced the launch of MyGene, a patient portal that puts genome sequencing results at the fingertips of the individual where it is most useful and actionable.

The $1000 was announced earlier this year by Illumina, which is thought by many to be the tipping point towards widespread adoption of genome sequencing in research and clinical settings. With 6 billion letters and 4 million variants per human genome, data analysis has become the bottleneck.

To enable genome-guided medicine, Tute Genomics has created a cloud-based platform that allows healthcare organizations and researchers to analyze entire human genomes to quickly go from DNA to diagnosis or discovery. The addition of MyGene opens a new door for patient-centric, personalized medicine.

“Before long, everyone will get their genome sequenced,” said Reid Robison, MD MBA and CEO of Tute, “But the question is, where does that data reside in an annotated and queryable way so that doctors and patients alike can ask questions of the data at every important medical event throughout an individual’s life?”

MyGene is a first-of-its-kind patient results portal where healthcare organizations can easily select and share validated clinical genetics findings directly to patients in a mobile and responsive format. As opposed to a direct-to-consumer offering, MyGene allows healthcare organizations to serve as the bridge between sequencing facility and patients.

MyGene is a powerful extension of Tute’s clinical report builder that lets doctors, labs and diagnostic companies create infinitely customizable clinical reports, including pre-built, drag-and-drop modules for various gene panels, ACMG incidental findings, pharmacogenetics, and more.

“MyGene is our way of pushing forward genomic medicine and bringing personalized medicine to the masses,” added Kai Wang, PhD, President of Tute Genomics. “This gives users access to their genetic information anywhere, allowing individualized, targeted therapy based on next-generation sequencing results.”

MyGene was unveiled at TEDMED, where Tute Genomics was selected from among hundreds of companies worldwide to participate in The Hive, an immersive social environment dedicated to exploring and showcasing transformative startups and the inspiring entrepreneurs who power them. TEDMED, an affiliate of the TED organization, is a global community dedicated to unlocking imagination in service of health and medicine, and features demonstrations of the best new ideas accelerating healthcare.

“TEDMED is delighted to welcome Tute Genomics to The Hive, where our multi-disciplinary, global community will experience a broad landscape of tomorrow’s most exciting innovations in health and medicine,” said TEDMED COO and Partner Shirley Bergin.

“In The Hive,” continued Ms. Bergin, “the leaders from Tute Genomics will be part of an informal, immersive social environment where the entire TEDMED community can actively participate in the future of health and medicine in a hands-on way. Equally important, all Hive participants will help drive TEDMED’s ongoing conversation about the best ways to accelerate medical progress and create a healthier life for our planet’s 7 billion people.”