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Why Oligonucleotide Quality Matters

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Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) will present a satellite symposium at the European Society for Human Genetics (ESHG) conference and exhibition.

The talk, entitled ‘Oligonucleotides for Clinical and Research Applications’, will take place on Saturday 23rd June from 11:45 to 13:15 in the Budapest Room.

IDT has pioneered the use of high-throughput quality control methods on all oligos synthesized, and data presented as part of the symposium will reveal an average coupling efficiency of over 99.5% - the best in the industry.

Data presented will also show how oligonucleotide quality can differ between manufacturers, which can adversely affect reaction efficiency, for example qPCR amplification and Cq values.

As well as being important for obtaining reliable results, this can be a potential issue when labs are standardizing, or performing cross-lab data comparisons.

IDT’s proprietary synthesis platforms have enabled the production of high quality, long oligos such as the Ultramer Oligos which, being up to 200 bases long, are ideal for cloning, mutagenesis and gene construction.

In addition, the novel gBlocks Gene Fragments for use in synthetic biology are sequence verified double stranded oligos of up to 500 bases. They can be assembled into genes or longer constructs and cloned onto a plasmid vector.

To find out more, visit IDT at booth 228 at ESHG, Nϋrnberg Convention Centre Ost, Germany, from 23-26 June.