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Efficient Silencing of mRNA and lncRNA with Fewer Off-target Effects

Efficient Silencing of mRNA and lncRNA with Fewer Off-target Effects
Credit: Exiqon

Exiqon LNA™ GapmeRs are powerful tools for loss of function studies of proteins, mRNA and lncRNAs. These single strand antisense oligonucleotides catalyze RNase H-dependent degradation of complementary RNA targets. Exiqon LNA™ GapmeRs are 16 nucleotides long enriched with LNA™ in the flanking regions and DNA in a LNA™ free central gap - hence the name GapmeR. The LNA™-containing flanking regions confer nuclease resistance to the antisense oligo while at the same time increase target binding affinity regardless of the GC content. The central DNA “gap” activates RNase H cleavage of the target RNA upon binding. LNA™ GapmeRs have fully modified phosphorothioated (PS) backbones which ensure exceptional resistance to enzymatic degradation. 

Sophisticated online design tool

LNA™ GapmeRs are designed using empirically derived design tool that incorporates our more than 20 years of experience with LNA™ design. For each RNA target the tool evaluates thousands of possible LNA™ GapmeR designs against >30 design parameters and identify LNA™ GapmeRs most likely to give potent and specific target knockdown. 

Key benefits

  • Highly potent single-stranded antisense oligonucleotides (ASO) for silencing of lncRNA and mRNA
  • Function by RNase H dependent degradation of complementary RNA targets
  • Strand-specific knockdown with no RISC-associated off-target activity
  • Active in vivo and in vitro - enabling the analysis RNA function in a wide range of model systems
  • Excellent alternative to siRNA for knockdown of mRNA and lncRNA
  • Taken up by cells without transfection reagents
  • Designed with sophisticated and empirically developed algorithm
  • Available in individual tubes or custom 96-well plates for convenient screening