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LabVantage Enterprise SaaS LIMS: Unrivaled Configurability, Validation

LabVantage Enterprise SaaS LIMS: Unrivaled Configurability, Validation

Software-as-a-Service reduces upfront capital expense, delivers as-needed scalability, and keeps users well-equipped with the latest features via automatic software updates. LabVantage Enterprise SaaS takes the advantages of SaaS even further, offering a single vs. multi-tenant environment to ensure unprecedented configurability and custom interfacing. This enables organizations with more complex needs to make modifications to the software that are maintained throughout system updates. Single tenancy also provides an additional layer of security and flexibility.

The solution supports interfacing with external software systems and enables the configuration of features specific to the needs of individual customers. It can be modified as the customer’s requirements change over time.

Validated Saas
Additionally, LabVantage Enterprise SaaS -- and its multi-tenant version, LabVantage SaaS -- are available as validated solutions, meaning all proof of system validation is available from LabVantage, including evidence of installation qualification, testing, and change control. This significantly reduces customer validation efforts associated with software and environment updates.

The entire LabVantage laboratory informatics platform is available via Enterprise SaaS or standard SaaS -- including the most technologically advanced LIMS, ELN, LES, SDMS, and advanced analytics. Users can effortlessly, cost-effectively, and securely access this integrated lab informatics suite from anywhere with an internet connection.

All LabVantage SaaS solutions are protected by the company’s cybersecurity diligence. Amid a culture of security, the system is enhanced against OWASP Top 10 threats and includes third-party certification of penetration and other testing.

Subscription-based lab informatics, hosted in the cloud and delivered via the internet, is a secure, scalable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional software licensing, installation, maintenance, validation, and management.  With LabVantage Enterprise and Standard SaaS, say goodbye to delayed updates, risk of service interruptions, and upfront capital investment. Instead, enjoy rapid deployment, increased productivity, global accessibility, single-contact support, instant scalability, documentation of validation, and built-in disaster recovery.

Meeting Customer Needs
LabVantage’s SaaS offerings reflect the technology leader’s ability to listen to customers and lead with solutions that push the boundaries of possibility. Enterprise SaaS evolved from conversations with customers longing for a more configurable, flexible SaaS LIMS that allows organizations to fully configure and create customized system interfaces to meet their specific needs. LabVantage Enterprise SaaS meets those needs, while maintaining the simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use of standard cloud-based SaaS approaches, as well as offering abundant opportunities for configuration and interfacing required by some customers. 

LabVantage Enterprise SaaS includes a managed and monitored computing infrastructure, automatic software upgrades, and enterprise-grade features for the most robust LIMS platform deployment. It is built on a strong base of application programming interfaces provided as web services that allow implementation of customer-specific custom interfaces that do not affect the LabVantage platform code, thus ensuring compatibility with future software updates and upgrades.

LabVantage helps customers implement the system changes they require, including no-code configuration changes, robust system interfacing, precise reporting, and capabilities for importing data from both simple and advanced instrumentation. LabVantage also works closely with customers to ensure that system changes are compatible with the native configuration and custom system interfacing mechanisms of the LIMS, ensuring supportability into the future.

LabVantage Enterprise SaaS is available from LabVantage Solutions, a recognized leader in enterprise laboratory software solutions and scientific data advisor, dedicated to improving customer outcomes and performance by transforming data into knowledge.

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LabVantage Solutions provides laboratories with a comprehensive portfolio of informatics products and services, including laboratory information management systems (LIMSs), integrated electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) and business intelligence.
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