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mosquito® HV genomics: low-volume pipetting robot

mosquito® HV genomics: low-volume pipetting robot

mosquito® HV genomics: low-volume pipetting robot

mosquito® HV genomics: low-volume pipetting robot

mosquito is changing the way genomics is done - the ability to accurately set up reactions at a fraction of the traditional volumes (often one-tenth or less) leads to a step-change in productivity. NGS library preparation, magnetic bead cleanup, cDNA synthesis, whole genome amplification, PCR and qPCR all have been successfully automated and miniaturised with mosquito. Miniaturisation leads to large cost savings and allows researchers to maximise their output of results for a given budget.

mosquito HV (high volume) genomics provides highly accurate and precise low volume pipetting, picking up where traditional liquid handling falls down. mosquito HV genomics can handle even highly viscous samples (e.g. genomic DNA or enzymes in 50% glycerol), operates with standard microwell plates and can be easily programmed to run a wide range of protocols, which makes it an extremely versatile tool for any genomics lab.

The foundation of mosquito’s performance is SPT Labtech’s unique Positive Displacement Pipetting technology. Each of the disposable micropipettes has its own individual piston, not an air gap or system liquid, offering highly accurate and repeatable pipetting with no risk of cross-contamination. This pipetting technology makes mosquito liquid handlers uniquely suited to deal with a wide range of viscosities, all without any liquid classification.

Key features of mosquito HV genomics include:

• accuracy – unrivalled pipetting accuracy and precision from 5 μL - 500 nL, even with highly viscous samples or bead suspensions.

• cost savings – the ability to use smaller volumes results in cost savings on expensive reagents and preserves valuable samples.

• open platform – a general automatic pipettor for standard microwell plates, programmable for any kit or custom protocol.

• versatile and flexible – can aspirate, dispense and mix; enables automated plate set-up for a wide range of workflows without any instrument set-up changes, recalibration or cleaning.

• zero cross-contamination – mosquito genomics tips are sterilised by gamma irradiation, and are disposable, therefore no wash steps are required.

• speed – no slow wash steps or system fluids: mosquito can complete a 96-well plate to plate copy in less than 2 minutes and a 384-well plate copy in under 3.5 minutes.

• ease-of-use – combining a simple, intuitive hardware and software, mosquito is easily accessible to first time users in a multi-user environment.

• reliability – mosquito HV genomics belongs to a well-established family of liquid handling instruments, used globally in hundreds of pharma, biotech and academic labs since 2003.

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