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Spectrum Compact CE System

Spectrum Compact CE System

The Spectrum Compact CE System is an integrated and efficient instrument that brings you the independence to perform Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis in your laboratory, under your control and at your convenience. It is designed for use with existing sequencing chemistries using fluorescently labeled dideoxynucleotide triphosphates and 4-, 5- and 6-dye STR kits from Promega, and other commercially available kits.

The Spectrum Compact CE System supports Sanger sequencing applications used as orthogonal technology for verification of NGS base calls, and DNA and gene sequencing required in a variety of genomic applications.

The Spectrum Compact Control Software provides a simple user interface with a clear display of useful features including run set up, consumables and array usage information, as well as system maintenance reminders.

  • Easy-to-use operational workflow wizard
  • Operations run directly on the instrument touch screen
  • Ability to monitor run progress and view analyzed results while a run is in progress
  • Pre-loaded assays ready for use
  • Export files in .fsa or .ab1 format (compatible with commercially available data analysis software such as GeneMarker® HID, Mutation Surveyor® and GeneMapper®)

Plug-and-play, prefilled consumables bring capillary electrophoresis capabilities to the hands of any scientist in the laboratory regardless of skill level or expertise. Not only is the Spectrum Compact CE System simple to set up and operate, related consumables such as prefilled buffer and polymer are available in convenient packaging. All consumables use 2D barcoding to track key usage information.

Promega chemistries and Spectrum Compact CE System are provided as an integrated system for delivering optimized results for sequencing and fragment analysis. On-site installation and training for the instrument is included with purchase of the instrument. Additionally, flexible service and support options are available, depending on the requirements of your laboratory. Promega offers service and support plans for preventative maintenance, on-site service and validation plans to ensure minimal interruption of your laboratory operations.

The Spectrum Compact CE System is the solution for academic, clinical research and forensic laboratories looking to take analyses into their own hands. This innovative instrument provides a high return on investment, conserves valuable bench space and allows flexibility in sample batch sizes.

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