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The NEW DropSense96. Your next generation tool for sample prep QC

The NEW DropSense96. Your next generation tool for sample prep QC

The NEW DropSense96 has increased sensitivity and new broad-use cDrop apps for accurate DNA/RNA quantification and contamination identification in one shot. Eliminate the costly & tedious fluorescent assay to quantify DNA/RNA and get a good view on inhibitors present in your samples. Speed-up QC and reduce your retesting rates! 

What can the NEW DropSense96 do for you:

Quantify up to 96 samples in about 5 minutes. Stop wasting time with repetitive cleaning or mixing steps. Just load any sample on the DropPlate, insert and quantify.


Quantification requires only 2μl of undiluted sample, leaving more sample for downstream assays. Wide dynamic range: no extra dilution steps (from 1.5 to 10.000 ng/ul dsDNA).

Next to classic A260 and A280 absorbance, the DropSense96 identifies influencing contaminants to reveal the true DNA, RNA or protein concentration.

Reduce your sample prep costs. DropSense96 is the right alternative for your picogreen or other fluo-assay saving both money and time. Unique detection of contaminants gives you a better insight on sample fitness for downstream testing, avoiding low quality outcome and need for costly retesting.

Choose to use the platform manually or integrated into a liquid handling robot. SiLA compatible driver available. Easy sample data import and results export (LIMS compatible)


Built-in features such as integrated calibration, minimal labor and sample evaporation protection make the DropSense96 the most reliable plate reader for any life science application.