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The NEW NanoSight Pro – See the Nanoworld in High Resolution

The NEW NanoSight Pro – See the Nanoworld in High Resolution

The nanoworld is full of exciting possibilities, helping us find medicines that cure us and vaccines that protect us. For your next nano innovative to take off, you need quick and easy access to high resolution particle size and concentration data. 

Characterize nano- & biomaterials like never before

NanoSight Pro is the quickest, most accurate, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) instrument. With advanced engineering enclosed in an elegant and compact design, NanoSight Pro delivers superior quality and robust data in minutes, elevating your research and analysis to new heights.

NS Explorer software, powered by machine learning, enables you to automate measurements, saving time, removing subjectivity and providing the highest quality size and concentration data for both light scatter and fluorescence analysis. 

With its heightened fluorescence detection sensitivity, the NanoSight Pro provides deeper insights into your sample's subpopulations and specificity, giving you a closer, more comprehensive look at your particles.

This cutting-edge technology, equipped with smart features, delivers a powerful solution for decoding the nature of complex systems and bringing new discoveries to light. What’s more, the inclusion of interchangeable lasers and Smart Manager technology ensures the NanoSight Pro’s durability, consistent high-quality measurements, and maximum operational uptime.

Why NanoSight Pro should be your go-to instrument

NanoSight Pro delivers advanced nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) measurements. NTA is a well-established, quick, and simple technique for the accurate characterization of biomaterials and nanoparticles, helping you better understand the nanoworld. By capturing the light scattered from particles undergoing Brownian motion, NanoSight Pro provides particle-by-particle tracking for high-resolution size and concentration data – all in a matter of minutes with minimal sample preparation.  

This absolute sizing technique needs no calibration, sizing each particle independently and simultaneously, allowing for a profound understanding of complex samples. Accuracy and sensitivity are invaluable when considering nanoparticle batch purity and process consistency, as well as the physicochemical properties of the material, which are intrinsically linked to their size at the nanoscale.

Particle size: precision at its finest

NanoSight Pro delivers highly accurate size measurements to confirm system complexity and purity. It catches even the tiniest shifts in size with unmatched accuracy. This means you can spot the earliest signs of changes, like aggregation in your samples, all the way up to 70ºC. 

Concentration: trustworthy data every time

NanoSight Pro concentration measurements take the variables from sample properties and user setting inputs into account, providing you with reliable and highly reproducible particle concentration data. This isn't just data; it's confidence in a number, making sure you're always on solid ground.

Resolution: unveiling the details

Here's where the NanoSight Pro really stands out. It tracks particles one by one, laying out a detailed map of particle sizes like never before. Got a mix of different sizes? No problem. Our advanced FTLA algorithm dives deep, identifying the peak resolution at the highest level, ensuring nothing is missed.

Heterogeneity: embrace the complexity

Working with complex and polydisperse systems is easier with NanoSight Pro. It visually confirms sample heterogeneity, with the raw data distribution that accurately reflects the system's true nature, providing insight into the heart of your samples.

With the NanoSight Pro, you're equipped to tackle the challenges head-on, armed with clarity, reliability, and an eye for the details that matter.

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