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TwistAmp® Liquid – The versatile PCR replacement

TwistAmp® Liquid – The versatile PCR replacement


TwistAmp® Liquid provides recombinase polymerase amplification (RPA) assay reagents in a glycerol-stabilized, liquid kit format that will be familiar to anyone who carries out PCR and other enzyme-based reactions in the laboratory. The reagents are provided in separate tubes, and users can pipette out as much or as little of the enzyme mix as they want to make up RPA reaction volumes of their choosing, create a bulk master mix as the foundation for multiple reactions, or experiment with ratios of RPA components to optimize their assays.

TwistAmp® Liquid offers an alternative format to TwistDx’s flagship ambient temperature-stable lyophilized TwistAmp® kits, which are ideal for the development of field and site-based assays. The liquid format will make it easy for laboratories to use RPA routinely as a faster and more user-friendly replacement to PCR, sometimes even using the same PCR primers, and to develop customized assays without a thermocycler.

TwistAmp® Liquid range includes:
•    TwistAmp® Liquid Basic
•    TwistAmp® Liquid Basic RT
•    TwistAmp® Liquid exo
•    TwistAmp® Liquid exo RT.

Features/UsesTwistAmp® Liquid

TwistAmp® Liquid
Basic RT

TwistAmp® Liquid

TwistAmp® Liquid
exo RT

Flexible reaction volume use

Some flexible reagent component ratio use

Single molecule detection

Reagents for at least 100 reactions (dependent on volume used)


Rapid DNA amplification

Rapid RNA amplification

Combined reverse transcription and rapid cDNA amplification in one step

Real-time probe detection (proprietary exo probe design)

Real-time fluorescence detection

End-point gel electrophoresis detection

down-stream applications (e.g. sub-cloning)

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