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Oxford Nanopore has developed a new generation of DNA/RNA sequencing technology. It is the only sequencing technology that offers real-time analysis in fully scalable formats from pocket to population scale, that can analyze native DNA or RNA and sequence any length of fragment to achieve short to ultra-long read lengths.

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Keys displaying DNA bases.
Product News

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Collaborates With Twist Bioscience To Launch Pharmacogenomics Beta Programme and Advance Personalized Medicine

New workflow to provide unambiguous genetic results in a single assay, alleviating the need for time-consuming and costly follow-up tests.
Sequencing results.
Product News

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Launches Compatible Products Programme To Enhance Genomic Sequencing Ecosystem

Oxford Nanopore Technologies announced the launch of its Compatible Products Programme, a new initiative designed to establish and showcase approved compatible third-party products.
Nanopore Sequence Still

Multiomic Sequencing Solutions To Revolutionize Human Disease Research

Understanding the mechanisms of human disease requires a multiomic approach; however, legacy multiomic methods require multiple platforms and complex processes with lengthy turnaround times and considerable costs.
Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

Oxford Nanopore Launches PromethION 2 Integrated Into Open Early Access

The PromethION 2 Integrated sets a new standard for convenience and efficiency in DNA, RNA, and cDNA sequencing. With its onboard computing capabilities, the self-contained device is bringing high-quality sequencing to a wider range of labs.
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Profiling Age and Body Fluid DNA Methylation Markers

In this webinar, our expert speaker will present a new approach – using nanopore adaptive sampling for comprehensive methylation profiling.
Product News

Lonza and Oxford Nanopore To Collaborate on Novel Test To Accelerate Analysis of mRNA Products

Collaboration aims to commercialize a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) validated test to enable advanced and innovative analysis for multiple critical quality attributes of mRNA products.
Blue representation of a male human showing ribcage and spine next to a DNA double helix.
Industry Insight

Shaping the Future of Genomic Medicine

In this interview, James Brayer delves into some of the current obstacles hindering the widespread adoption of genomic medicine and highlights how nanopore-based sequencing can help to address them.
Two scientists in lab coats standing in front of sequencing machines in a lab.
Product News

New State-of-the-Art Genomic Services Facility Opening in the UK

Azenta Life Sciences has selected Oxford, UK, a key European life sciences hub, as the location for its next GENEWIZ Multiomics and Synthesis Solutions site. The site will feature a new state-of-the-art genomics lab scheduled to open in early 2024.
A scientist pipettes liquid into a device attached to a laptop.

Compact DNA Sequencers Monitor Malaria Drug Resistance in Near Real-Time

Scientists have developed a technique to rapidly and reliably detect genetic changes in malaria parasites in Ghana, using just a gaming laptop and portable sequencer.
Vials of blood.
Product News

Oxford Nanopore and Day Zero Diagnostics Partner To Develop a New Class of Bloodstream Infection Diagnostics

Oxford Nanopore, and Day Zero Diagnostics (DZD), announced a collaboration to develop an end-to-end solution for the diagnosis of bloodstream infections, a leading cause of sepsis.