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PacBio's mission is to enable the potential of genomics to improve human health by creating the world’s most advanced sequencing systems to provide the most complete and accurate view of genomes, transcriptomes and epigenomes.

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Product News

Pharmacogenomics Research Could Save NHS at Least £41 Million Annually

An analysis of NHS prescriptions data has revealed the huge potential for pharmacogenomics to reduce ineffective prescribing and adverse effects, which could save millions of pounds for the NHS.
Reveal More With The PacBio Revio System’s Exceptionally Accurate Long-Read Sequencing content piece image

Reveal More With the PacBio Revio System’s Exceptionally Accurate Long-Read Sequencing

The Revio system adds affordability, high throughput, and ease of use to a foundation of long
reads, exceptional accuracy, and direct methylation detection. Get reads that are tens of
kilobases in length with >Q30 scores and complete phased genomes for <$1,000, all with 50%
fewer consumables.
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Reveal More With Accurate and Scalable Long-Read Sequencing

Long-read sequencing enables the accurate identification and characterization of complex genomic features. It outperforms its short-read alternatives in de novo assembly, mapping, and variant calling applications.
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PacBio Announces New Informatics Analysis Method for Highly Homologous Genes

PacBio has announced a new informatics method that genotypes gene paralogs and pseudogenes with high accuracy.
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New Method Accurately Measures Key Marker of Biological Aging

Scientists have shown that regenerative therapy to restore impaired kidney function may soon be a possibility.
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Product News

PacBio and the University of Tokyo Announce Bioinformatics Applications Collaboration

PacBio has announced a collaboration with the University of Tokyo to study the use of long-read sequencing and novel bioinformatics methods in the hopes of better understanding the genetic causes of certain rare diseases in individuals and cohorts within the Japanese population.
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Sequencing of Red Perilla’s Genome Will Aid Discovery of New Bioactive Chemicals

The assembly and annotation of the genome of the red perilla plant will help scientists harness the plant's wide range bioactive compounds.
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Product News

PacBio and Boston Children’s Hospital Collaborate To Investigate Novel Variants Inaccessible by Short-Read Sequencing

PacBio has announced its HiFi sequencing technology will be used in a pilot project for the Children’s Rare Disease Cohorts Initiative (CRDC) at Boston Children’s Hospital.
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New DNA Extraction Method for Long-Read Sequencing in Plant Tissues

A novel DNA preparation protocol enables labs to isolate high molecular weight DNA from a variety of plant species cost-effectively and rapidly, opening opportunities to improve the robustness of commercially valuable plants.
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Capture and Conserve: The Role of Genomic Sequencing in Biodiversity

This article explores some of the ways genomics can deepen our understanding of the biosphere and how biodiversity genomics contributes to conservation.