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Cancer Diagnostics – News and Features

Cancer cells adhered to a surface.

Cell-to-Cell Communication in Cancer

We typically think of a cancerous tumor as a bunch of abnormal cells gone rogue, but the situation is more complicated. This article will explore cell-to-cell communication’s role in cancer development, its influence on metastasis and how research is expanding our knowledge of the disease.
A picture showing the drawing of blood.

Diagnostic Test Detects Ovarian Cancer With 93% Accuracy

Researchers have developed a machine learning-based classifier, which utilizes metabolic profiles of serum samples, to accurately identify people with ovarian cancer.
Four women running for breast cancer awareness.

Inherited Mutations May Predict Interval Breast Cancer

An investigation conducted by researchers at Karolinska Institutet has led to a discovery in breast cancer diagnostics and treatments that could reshape screening programs and clinical approaches.
Cancer cells.

Precision Medicine Platform Used To Improve Pancreatic Cancer Care

Through molecular twin precision oncology platform, Cedars-Sinai cancer investigators identify biomarkers that outperform standard test and could expand the promise of precision medicine.
Strands of DNA cross the image.

Whole-Genome Sequencing Supports the Delivery of Precise Cancer Care

In the largest study of its kind, scientists report how combining health data with whole genome sequence (WGS) data in patients with cancer can help doctors provide more tailored care for their patients.
An individual having a blood test.

Novel Blood Test Can Distinguish Subtype of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Blood test uses cell-free DNA methylation to quantify tumor burden and distinguish neuroendocrine prostate cancer from prostate adenocarcinoma.
A clinician draws liquid from a vial into a syringe.

Vaccine May Delay Relapse for Some Pancreas and Colon Cancers

A vaccine has shown the potential to prevent the relapse of KRAS-mutated pancreatic and colorectal cancers in a phase I trial.
An aerosol and the diagnostic particles under an electron micrograph.

New Urine Test Could Enable Early Lung Cancer Detection

The diagnostic, which requires only a simple urine test to read the results, could make lung cancer screening more accessible worldwide.
A healthcare worker tends to a patient receiving treatment in the hospital.

Improving Cancer Patient Care With Professor Mark Lawler

Precision medicine and immunotherapy have the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment, but challenges must be addressed to ensure their smooth integration into clinical practice.
A plastic model of a kidney held in a person's hand.

New Markers for Identifying Acute Kidney Injury Discovered

Progress in the search for biomarkers to help predict, manage and assess treatment of acute kidney injury has been reported by researchers.