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CRISPR and Genome Editing – Multimedia

Data reproducibility for safer gene therapy
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Data Reproducibility for the Development of Safer Gene Therapies

Immunogenicity is a key consideration in the development of safe gene therapy products. In fact, certain product components can cause unintended immune responses with life-threatening implications if not addressed.
AAV Purification Techniques to Advance Gene Therapy

AAV Purification Techniques To Advance Gene Therapy

This poster highlights several methods by which the downstream purification of viral vectors can be improved using chromatography methods to analyse and purify multiple AAV serotypes.

Applications of CRISPR Technology

The gene editing technology CRISPR is one of the most talked about scientific discoveries of recent years. Before it was discovered, researchers were limited to far more complex, expensive and time-consuming gene editing technologies.
AAV Capsids
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Rapid and Direct AAV Capsid Quantitation

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) technology has become a crucial method for delivering gene therapy drugs and vaccines. The quantitation of viral capsids enables researchers to ensure that AAV preparations are of high quality and potency. However, challenges remain with the accurate quantitation and detection of multiple AAV serotypes.
Protein Expression
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The New Gold Standard for Gene Therapy Protein Expression Potency Measurements

A major challenge preventing transformative gene therapies from reaching patients is the lack of fit-for purpose potency assays, which are some of the most important assays in an analytical package but are often the most complex and high-risk.
Scientists Reveal Why They Use Simple Western Technology

Scientists Reveal Why They Use Simple Western Technology

Hear from three Simple Western users on why they use our next-generation, automated, western blot systems for cell and gene therapy workflows. Simple Western is a gel-free, blot-free, hands-free capillary western blot analysis.
Cell and Gene Therapy Workflows with Bio-Rad content piece image

Cell and Gene Therapy Workflows with Bio-Rad

In this informative video, you will discover the latest technologies and workflows used in the field of cell and gene therapy.
Tools to Optimize the Protein Expression Journey content piece image

Tools To Optimize the Protein Expression Journey

This infographic features solutions that can help to optimize this journey.
AAV Purification and Scale Up content piece image

Harnessing Affinity Chromatography To Enhance AAV Purification

Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) are considered one of the most effective and safe ways to deliver therapeutic genes for the treatment of a wide range of genetic conditions.
The Importance of Reproducibility for Gene Therapy Development content piece image
App Note / Case Study

The Importance of Reproducibility for Gene Therapy Development

The scale of research into potential gene therapies often means that work is distributed across multiple locations. Investigators must have confidence that the results obtained at one site are consistent with results obtained at other sites participating in the study.