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Cryopreservation – News and Features

A pill packet of the contraceptive pill.

Oral Contraceptive Use Linked to Hair Loss

A new study published in JAMA Dermatology looks at how taking the oral contraceptive pill could be linked to a form of hair loss, known as frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA).
Floating cells on an orange background.

Challenges and Solutions in Cell Therapy Development

In this article, we explore how researchers are tackling some of the challenges preventing cell therapies from being more widely used. We also outline advances in manufacturing and regulatory approval processes that will help expand patient access to life-changing treatments.
A futuristic-style illustration of a trophy on a dark blue background.
Industry Insight

SLAS Europe 2024 New Product Award: Top Contenders Announced

Finalists for the New Product Award at the SLAS Europe conference showcase cutting-edge innovations in life sciences, evaluated on technical merit, commercial feasibility, originality, impact and market opportunity. Here, we take a look at the six nominees and the products competing for this year’s award.
A girl sitting on a chair looking out a window.

PTSD and Depression Have Shared and Distinct Brain Molecular Dysregulations

McLean Hospital researchers uncovered both shared and distinct molecular changes across brain regions, genomic layers, cell types and blood in individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depressive disorder (MDD).
A doctor talking to a patient.

Using Health Data To Predict Individual Cancer Risks

Researchers used data from Danish health registries to develop a statistical model that can predict individuals’ risk of developing 20 different types of cancer, based on their family history, disease history, and lifestyle.
A hand holding a fish oil tablet.

Fish Oil Supplements May Increase Stroke Risk in Healthy Adults

The researchers say their findings suggest that fish oil supplements may have different roles in the progression of cardiovascular disease depending on the health of a person.
Cancer cells.

Blood Proteins Could Give Cancer Warning Seven Years Before Diagnosis

Proteins linked to cancer can start appearing in people’s blood more than seven years before they’re diagnosed, our funded researchers have found.
Gloved hand using tweezers to remove a test tube from liquid nitrogen.

Overcoming Obstacles in Automating Cryogenic Storage

This article explores the challenges and strategies involved in transitioning to automated cryogenic storage systems. From assessing current infrastructure to gaining organizational buy-in and selecting appropriate containers, follow these steps to help ensure a successful transition to automated cryogenic storage.
A vitamin D capsule.

Is Vitamin D Supplementation Really One-Size-Fits-All?

A new study suggests the need for personalized approaches to supplementation to help reduce vitamin D deficiency, which remains widespread despite extensive research.
A person sprinkling salt.

Regularly Salting Your Food Could Increase Your Risk of Stomach Cancer

In a new study, participants who said they regularly salted their food were 41% more likely to develop stomach cancer than those who left their saltshakers untouched.