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Data Reporting, Compliance and Integrity – Multimedia

Human brain and AI networks.

Six Ways Machine Learning Will Transform the Biopharmaceutical Lifecycle

This listicle explores four ways that AI and ML are accelerating the biopharmaceutical lifecycle and two big ways that companies are starting to think about their data differently.
Increasing Sensitivity and Selectivity in  Biotherapeutic Quantitative Analysis
App Note / Case Study

Increasing Sensitivity and Selectivity in Biotherapeutic Quantitative Analysis

This application note presents a reliable and highly sensitive workflow to support routine quantitative analysis in biotherapeutics such as bimatoprost that require low-level quantitation.
Peptides With LC-MS
App Note / Case Study

Achieve Sensitive Quantitation of Signature Peptides With LC-MS

This application note explores the latest quantitation methods, combining the accuracy of TOF systems with the sensitivity of microflow LC to exceed the lower limit of quantitation achieved with traditional high-flow LC.
DNA double helix.

Economies of Scale: The Top 5 Considerations for Successful Cell and Gene Therapy Fill/Finish Scale-Up

How can you successfully scale your cell and gene therapy fill/finish process to minimize manual involvement, reduce the specialized training required, and deliver high-quality, high-value products, efficiently?
App Note / Case Study

Choose the Best Syringe Filter for Analytical Sample Preparation

In food safety, chemical manufacturing and environmental testing labs, filtration of the sample and mobile phase prior to analysis helps reduce overall instrument wear and removes any particles that may interfere with the chromatogram.
Ensure Data Integrity

How To Ensure Accurate Weighing Results in Challenging Conditions

Lab balances play a critical role in workflows, due to the foundational data for downstream analytics. However, accurate weighing results depend on an array of variables.
Data reproducibility for safer gene therapy
App Note / Case Study

Data Reproducibility for the Development of Safer Gene Therapies

Immunogenicity is a key consideration in the development of safe gene therapy products. In fact, certain product components can cause unintended immune responses with life-threatening implications if not addressed.
Insights into Laboratory Compliance and IT Services content piece image

Insights Into Laboratory Compliance and IT Services

Achieving lab compliance is essential to ensure product quality and safety. However, this is a challenging task that involves various elements.
Bile acid
App Note / Case Study

Enhance Your Annotation Confidence in LC-TIMS-HRMS-Based Bile Acid Profiling

Bile acids are well known for their roles in cholesterol homeostasis, lipid absorption and as metabolic signaling molecules. They are implicated in a variety of disease states and therefore serve as an exciting focus on research in novel biomarker discovery.
Integrate Everything with LabSolutions Software

Integrate Everything With LabSolutions Software

Integrate everything with Shimadzu's LabSolutions software. A flexible, fully scalable platform for any laboratory environment, LabSolutions is the only software on the market with one interface, total control, and unlimited access.