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Data Reporting, Compliance and Integrity – News and Features

A gloved hand pipettes liquid into a petri dish

Microbial Monitoring for Biopharma Manufacturing

Contamination is a significant issue for bioprocessing as it results in loss of time, money and effort. This article will explore the pivotal role of microbial monitoring in upholding product safety and quality standards within the biopharmaceutical industry.
Purple strand of mRNA.
Industry Insight

Creating the Right Environment for mRNA To Thrive

Scott Ripley explores how realizing the potential of mRNA therapeutics will require the standardization of processes, manufacturing agility and collaboration between industry, academia and government bodies.

A collection of many different pills.
Industry Insight

Using AI To Get Medicines to Patients Faster

To find out more about AI in pharma, Technology Networks spoke with Roger Palframan, head of US Research and digital for Early Solutions at UCB.
A top down view of a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, chilli peppers, and garlic cloves

Plant-Based Diets and COVID-19 Infection: Is There Really a Connection?

A new study has suggested that a predominantly plant-based diet could be linked to lower odds of COVID-19 infection. But others have criticized the study, saying that its conclusions are premature.
Cancer cells.

Type of Immune Cell Can Attack Cancer

Researchers have discovered that a type of immune cell in the human body known to be important for allergy and other immune responses can also attack cancer.
A red center, surrounded by blue cancer cells and green extracellular matrix.

“Key” Identified That Could Aid Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment

The "key" to making breast cancers detectable by the immune system is normally turned off to prevent excessive inflammation. Activating the key could aid cancer treatment.
A collection of bacteria in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Fecal Microbiome Predicts Postoperative Infections in Liver Transplants

Researchers have predicted post-operative infections in liver transplant patients by analyzing the fecal microbiome, representing a leap forward in understanding the connection between the gut microbiome and health.
Man pointing at compliance icons.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance: The Role of Validation in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries

The impetus to demonstrate regulatory compliance to ensure their products are safe for human consumption is an imperative for pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations.
DNA double helix unravelling.

Synthetic DNA Advances Will Catalyze the Next Wave of Biotherapeutic Innovation

This article explores how biopharmaceutical organizations seeking to remain competitive must adopt innovations, like cell-free long DNA synthesis, to unleash the potential of synthetic biology and accelerate therapeutic development across all facets of genetic medicine.

A screenshot of the new flowmeter software driver.

Flowmeter Software Driver for Chromatography Data Systems

TESTA Analytical announce a powerful new software driver that allows control and collection of data from any of its AB-4XXXX Series liquid flowmeters using a chromatography data system.