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Data Reporting, Compliance and Integrity – News and Features

Human brain and networks representing artificial intelligence.

Establishing the Self-Driving Clinical Trial

What does a self-driving clinical trial look like and what does it mean for the industry? Explore the ins and outs of AI in clinical development in this article.

A scientist holds a green globe in both hands. It is surrounded by icons representing areas of sustaibility.
Industry Insight

Ensuring Performance, Intelligence and Sustainability in MS

At ASMS, Technology Networks spoke with Ken Suzuki and Jennifer Gushue to learn more about how Agilent is addressing customer needs with novel “intelligence” features and the company’s efforts to ensure the sustainability and longevity of its products.
Futuristic representation of digital technologies.

Technologies Helping To Drive Digital Transformation and Laboratory Efficiencies

In this article, we highlight some of the key technologies fueling digital transformation and explore the impacts they are having on laboratory efficiencies.

Breast cancer cells.

Breast Cancers Boost Growth by Remotely Disrupting Immunity in Animal Models

Researchers have identified a strategy cancerous tumors use to remotely disrupt the development of an immune response that could stop their growth.
A picture representing metabolites floating in space.

New Extraction Protocol for RNA-Seq and Metabolomic Analysis

Van Andel Institute scientists have developed a new extraction protocol for RNA-seq and metabolomic analysis, offering a more complete picture of cellular activity than either technique on its own.
Two researchers stand near the device.

Neural Network Detects Disease Biomarkers in Real Time

Researchers have developed a deep neural network that can classify biomarkers with high accuracy in real time.
A woman putting a tablet into her mouth.

Development of Low-Cost Oral Cholera Vaccine Underway

The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) began clinical development of DuoChol, a new low-cost oral cholera vaccine (OCV) in capsule form.
Cogs with business strategy icons representing success and innovation.
Industry Insight

Change Management’s Impact on Innovation in the Pharma QC Laboratory

Change management is becoming an increasingly important part of company culture. This article explores how effective change management can reap significant benefits.
A scientist looking at a proteomics analysis on a laptop.

Researchers Create a Map To Study Novel Form of Cell-to-Cell Communication

An international team has developed a new powerful resource to study extracellular RNA (exRNA), a novel form of cell-to-cell communication.
Pills and needles make up the letters HIV.

Scripps Research HIV Vaccine Headed for Clinical Trials

A new HIV vaccine has shown a significantly improved ability to neutralize the virus in preclinical tests and could enter clinical trials as soon as 2024.