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Drug Kinetics – News and Features


Researchers Create Artificial Cells That Closely Resemble Living Cells

Ronit Freeman and her lab use innovative approaches to build functional cells, bridging the gap between synthetic and living materials.
A large white cancer cell is attacked by two small red immune cells.

Immunotherapy Developed To Localize Cancer-Killing Molecules

A new immunotherapy has been developed that localizes cytokines to tumors for weeks while preserving their activity.
A bag of medication hanging on a drip stand.

Targeted Liver Cancer Treatment May Help Cut Side Effects

3D-printed films loaded with drugs could be used to kill cancer cells while minimizing the toxicity of traditional chemotherapy.
Holes in material.

Discovery of Nanoscale Voids Poised To Enhance the Performance of Filtration Materials

Researchers have unveiled nanoscale voids in three dimensions, using high-powered microscopy and mathematical theory. This advancement is poised to improve the performance of many filtration materials.
Molecular strands of the device surrounded by chemical structures.

Molecular Device Triggers Drug Delivery and Self-Healing Materials

Scientists have developed a first-of-its-kind molecular device that controls the release of multiple small molecules using force.
3-D printed objects.

Biodegradable Aerogel: Airy Cellulose Materials From a 3D Printer

Empa researchers have succeeded in 3D printing the natural material into complex shapes that could one day serve as precision insulation in microelectronics or as personalized medical implants.
A scientist holding up a vial.

To Capture Methane Emissions, Scientists Create Nanoshell Catalysts

A University at Buffalo-led research team is developing new catalysts that aim to turn climate-warming methane emissions into useful commercial products.
Bacteria growing on an agar plate.

Enzymatic Cocktail Offers New Hope Against Tuberculosis

With resistance to chemical antibiotics on the rise, the world needs entirely new forms of antimicrobials. A new study shows that an enzymatic cocktail can kill a variety of mycobacterial species of bacteria, including those that cause tuberculosis.
Purple-colored rod-shaped bacteria.

Cancer Drug Shows Potential for Treating Tuberculosis

A cancer drug could also be used to treat tuberculosis, new research has found.
A contact lens perched on the end of ones finger.

Using Contact Lenses To Heal Eyes Faster

A cross-disciplinary University of Waterloo team has developed a new contact lens material that could act as a bandage for corneal wounds while releasing drugs in a controlled manner to help the eye heal faster.