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Drug Kinetics – Products

An RNA strand.
Product News

TriLink BioTechnologies Collaborates With Johns Hopkins University To Establish a New RNA Innovation Center

The collaborative center will help to lower barriers to RNA innovation and discovery.
Product News

Gyros Protein Technologies Introduces Gyrolab Generic Rodent ADA Kit Reagents To Support Preclinical Immunogenicity Assessment

Ready-to-use kit expands range of bioanalysis kits, and enables generic detection of immune complexes in rodent samples.
A scientist pipetting into an agar plate.
Product News

Nucleic Acid Drug Delivery Conference Heads to Copenhagen

Applied Biophysics Forum promises real-world data from nucleic acid drug delivery researchers.
An assortment of different pills.
Product News

Revolutionising Nanoparticle Production: Technical Evaluation Introduces Cutting-Edge Formulation Technology

In a significant stride towards advancing nanoparticle drug delivery manufacturing technology, German pharmatech company, leon-nanodrugs GmbH (LEON), proudly announces a pioneering technical evaluation by CMAC, University of Strathclyde.
Antibody Dryg Conjugates, ADCs, Treatment

Streamline ADC Development with Key Materials

Fast-track your ADC journey with our comprehensive suite of high-quality materials for every stage of Antibody-Drug Conjugates development.
Drug molecules.
Product News

LGM Pharma Unveils Enhanced Analytical Testing Services and Expands CDMO Portfolio

Growth of suppository manufacturing capabilities addresses increasing market demand to meet the needs
of geriatric and pediatric patients, and women’s health.
AI written on a computer chip.
Product News

Optibrium Launches a Metabolism Prediction Software Platform Tailored to DMPK Scientists

Semeta™ offers high sensitivity and superior precision for the prediction of Phase I and II metabolic routes, sites, products and liabilities in early drug discovery.
An organ-on-a-chip.
Product News

CN Bio and Altis Biosystems Partner To Develop Next-Generation Human Gut/Liver In Vitro Model

Strategic partnership harnesses respective organ-specific expertise to provide complete human-derived Organ-on-a-Chip solution for more accurate in vitro ADME predictions.
1.2 GHz NMR Installation.
Product News

Bruker Announces First 1.2 GHz NMR Installation in the United States

Novel GHz-class NMR systems are enabling unprecedented life science and materials research in functional structural biology, drug discovery, metabolomics and cleantech
AI written on a computer chip.
Product News

DeepMirror Launches Early Access Programme for Its Intuitive Molecular Drug Design Software

Innovative product enables medicinal chemists to access and integrate AI to boost productivity and creativity, to accelerate therapeutic drug discovery.