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Drug Targets – News and Features

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Streamlined Drug Discovery Approach Proposed by Researchers

New research points to a streamlined approach to drug discovery that allows drug makers to determine the viability of a fragment-based design earlier in the process.
A sign reading "ALS".

New Cell Culture Model Identifies Potential ALS Drug Target

Using the new cell culture model "iNets", University of Zurich researchers identified a missing link between aberrant TDP-43 behavior and neuronal cell death: a toxic accumulation of NPTX2, a protein that is usually secreted through the synapses.

Well-Studied Immune Protein Carries an “Overlooked” Sequence

CSHL scientists have revealed that the well-studied immune protein IκBζ moonlights as a POU activator. The finding offers new insight into the immune system’s versatility.
A mitochondria.

Acidic Insights into ATP Synthase Function

A collaborative effort resulted in a promising study toward a better understanding of mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthase.
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Industry Insight

Using AI To Get Medicines to Patients Faster

To find out more about AI in pharma, Technology Networks spoke with Roger Palframan, head of US Research and digital for Early Solutions at UCB.
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Industry Insight

Sourcing Chemistry From Inside Humans

In this interview, Dr. Jason Park, co-founder and CEO of Empress Therapeutics, tells us more about the Chemilogics platform and the benefits this approach to drug discovery can offer.
Cancer cells.

Researchers Discover How Breast Tumor Cells Can Avoid Common Cancer Therapy

An interdisciplinary team of researchers investigated how cell cycle flexibility allows tumor cells to escape the effect of anti-cancer drugs that target cell division.
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Scientists Code ChatGPT To Design New Drug Compounds

Generative AI like ChatGPT can do more than help write emails — it can also design new drugs to treat disease, reports a new study that shows how AI can generate unique molecular structures as potential drugs.
Neurons degrading.

Potential Alzheimer’s Drug Discovered

A potential new drug to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in people with the so-called Alzheimer’s gene has been discovered by a University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.
Breast cancer cells.

Novel Drug Targets Aggressive Breast Cancer

A promising drug could lead to a new treatment for the most aggressive form of breast cancer, which affects thousands of women each year. A pre-clinical study found the new drug successfully inhibits the growth of triple negative breast cancer.