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Infectious Diseases – News and Features

A drone shot of a cattle herd running on soil.

Salmonella Continues To Propagate Amongst Danish Cattle

After analyzing 11 years of data, researchers show that despite stringent movement restrictions among Danish cattle farms, Salmonella Dublin continues to propagate, indicating that current strategies are insufficient to curb the spread of the disease.
A scientist overlaid with an image of a DNA double helix.

Researchers Identify Thousands of High-Risk Cancer Gene Variants

Researchers have investigated the impact of all possible genetic changes in the tumor suppressor gene BAP1.
A DNA double helix.

All Potential Changes Mapped in Key Cancer Gene

Researchers have mapped all the possible outcomes of changes to a specific tumor-suppressing gene, the first step to unpick the outcomes of variations in cancer-associated genes.
The outline of an immune cell, filled with words describing immune-mediated condtions.

Novel Gene Expression Technology Discovers Rare T Cells Associated With Autoimmune Disease

Scientists have discovered several rare types of helper T cells that are associated with immune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even asthma.
A pill with a molecular structure.

Repurposed Cancer Drug May Help Prevent Damage From COVID-19 Infection

A new study has shown that a repurposed cancer drug can suppress a molecule that promotes lung inflammation during COVID-19 infection.
Two bacteriophage on the surface of a bacteria.

“Selfish Genes” Provide Viruses With a Competitive Advantage

"Selfish genes" previously thought to have no benefit to their host organisms have been shown to provide viruses with a competitive advantage.
3D protein molecules showing the molecular backbone

An Introduction to Protein Purification: Methods, Technologies and Applications

The ability to obtain pure proteins is essential for developing drugs, creating vaccines and understanding biological processes. In this article, we discuss what a typical protein purification protocol involves and the various techniques used.
A person with an IV in their hand.

Tissue Stiffness Can Impact Pancreatic Cancer Resistance to Chemotherapy

Researchers have demonstrated that conditions in the matrix surrounding pancreatic cancer cells impact whether those cells respond to chemotherapy.
A person holds a mobile phone with one hand and touches the screen with the other.

Mobile Phone Data Could Help Prevent Future Superbug Outbreaks

Combining a pathogen's genomic DNA with human travel patterns from anonymized mobile phone data provides a new way to prevent superbug outbreaks.
Three glass milk bottles on a doorstep.

Highly Infectious Avian Flu Is Inactive in Pasteurized Milk Products

Pasteurization of milk products destroys highly pathogenic avian flu, eliminating risks posed to consumers.