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Neuroimaging – News and Features

A seated woman undergoing an EEG test, with a computer screen showing the results.
Industry Insight

Advancing Neurotech From Brain Surface to Brain Depths

This article highlights advancements in neurotechnology that were recently presented in three papers at the 2024 VLSI conference.
PET scans showing brain estrogen receptor (ER) density in a premenopausal (left) and a postmenopausal (right) woman.

In Vivo Imaging Reveals Increased Estrogen Receptors in the Post-Menopausal Brain

A new study by Weill Cornell Medicine scientists sheds light on the brain activity changes that occur during menopause. The research used a pioneering brain imaging tool to track estrogenic activity in healthy women for the first time.
A pregnant woman.

Babies’ Brains Impacted by Mother’s Stress During COVID-19 Pandemic

The research from Children’s National Hospital provides mounting evidence that children of the pandemic, even those far too young to understand it, need ongoing assessments of developmental or mental health support later in life.
A person's hand points to a brain scan.

Poor Metabolic Health Is Associated With Memory and Thinking Problems

People with poor metabolic health are more likely to have worse brain health, experiencing memory and thinking problems, reports a new study.
Neurons that look like cobwebs.

Rare Gene Variant Slows Alzheimer's

In an extended family with an inherited form of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, 27 family members who carried one copy of the APOE3 Christchurch genetic variant had a five-year delayed disease onset compared to those who did not have the variant.
A sand timer with sand in the top and bottom of the hourglass sits on some rocks.

“Time Cells” in the Mouse Brain Are Essential for Complex Learning

A population of "time cells" in the brain is essential for learning complex behaviors where timing is critical.
An abstract image of the brain.

Brain Imaging Identifies Six Subtypes of Depression

Stanford Medicine scientists have identified six “biotypes” of depression by using machine learning to group depressed patients’ brain images.
A puzzle that spells the word autism.

Brain Cell Overgrowth Before Birth Associated With Autism Severity

Brain organoids derived from toddlers with autism spectrum disorder suggest that subtypes of the condition may have in utero origins. That's according to a new study from researchers at the University of California San Diego, led by Dr. Alysson R. Muotri.
A person's hand with an IV.

Glowing Dye May Help Surgeons Cut Out Prostate Cancer

A fluorescent dye may provide surgeons with a “second pair of eyes” in surgery, helping to remove prostate cancer tumors without damaging healthy tissue.
An infant sleeping.

Early Temperature Exposure Linked to Brain White Matter Development

New study underscores the vulnerability of foetuses and children to cold and heat, and the need to protect the most vulnerable communities from the effects of climate change.