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Personalized Medicine – News and Features

A clinician looks at a chest X ray.

“Self-Taught” AI Helps Diagnose and Predict Lung Cancer Severity

A computer program based on data from nearly a half-million tissue images and powered by artificial intelligence can accurately diagnose cases of adenocarcinoma.
A man and a woman sit on a wall.

Sex-Specific Functional Differences Exist in Pain-Producing Nerve Cells

Researchers have identified functional sex differences in nociceptors, explaining differing pain experiences in men and women.
A looking glass held over female reproductive organs.

Menstrual Cycle Health: What’s the Latest Research?

Dating back to ancient Greek culture, where the word “menstruation” is derived from the Latin and Greek word for moon – mene, the complexity of the menstrual cycle, and its impact on women’s health, has captivated researchers for centuries.
A mother and her baby.

Digital Babies Created To Simulate the First 180 Days of Life

Whole-body models (WBMs) are computational models that integrate different types of multiomics data such as genomic, metabolic and proteomic insights, and have been created to simulate and study adult physiology and disease. WBMs for newborns, however, are currently lacking – until now.
Cancer cells.

Protein Engineering Approaches Offer Hope for Cancer Therapies

While cancer treatments have seen large improvements over the last decades, researchers are still laser-focused on developing strategies to defeat cancers, especially those that have been resistant to traditional interventions.
Female scientist tapping on a digital tablet performing pharmaceutical industry research and data analysis
Industry Insight

Collaborative AI Partnership Hopes To Shape the Future of Drug Discovery

Sanofi, Formation Bio and OpenAI are collaborating to build AI-powered software to accelerate drug development. The three teams will combine data, software and tuned models to develop custom, purpose-built solutions for drug discovery.
Cancer cells.

Potential Causes of Rare and Lethal Bone Cancer Identified

A team of researchers has recently published a genomic study that uncovered two classes of genetic causes for chordoma in children by conducting some genomic detective work.
Cancer cells.

Pancreatic Cancer Cells Differ by Location and May Inform Targeted Treatments

A new study has found that pancreatic cancer cells are different based on their location in the pancreas, providing new information about tumors that could lead to better targeted treatments.
A blood pressure monitor around someone's arm.

100 New Genomic Regions Linked to Blood Pressure

One of the largest genomics studies into blood pressure has revealed 100 new regions of the genome that influence blood pressure.
A scientist holds a vial of blood in a gloved hand.

Advances in Liquid Biopsies: Improving Sensitivity and Earlier Detection

This article will focus on some of the advances currently being made in the field of liquid biopsy, from attempts to improve the sensitivity of tests, to using bodily fluids other than blood.