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Personalized Medicine – Products

A researcher in a lab.
Product News

Streamlining Immune Sensing and Signaling Dynamics Research With INTEGRA Biosciences Liquid Handling Tools

Immunologists at Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde (i3S) in Porto, Portugal, are using INTEGRA Biosciences laboratory tools to help further our understanding of the human immune system.
Cerebral organoid, Cardiac organoid, Intestinal organoid, Organoid differentiation kit, Organoid maintenance kit, Organoid cryopreservation kit, Organoid services

Organoid Toolbox: Empowering Organoid Research with Comprehensive Solutions

Leveraging the human origin and remarkable physiological fidelity, organoids have become invaluable research tools in disease modeling, drug safety assessment, drug screening, and personalized medicine. We offer a complete toolkit, including ready-to-use organoids, specialized kits for differentiation, maintenance, and cryopreservation, along with comprehensive services to expedite your organoid research journey.
App Note / Case Study

Optimizing RNA Sequencing of FFPE Samples

This application note evaluates several commercially available rRNA depletion kits, providing an optimized protocol for the efficient removal of rRNA from FFPE samples.
A hand holding up a test tube with a model of DNA in the background.
Product News

Top Pharmaceutical Company Evaluates Optimer for Precision Liver Medicine

Optimer delivery vehicle has been shipped to a pharma partner for external evaluation. The specific delivery vehicle could generate new precision therapies for liver disease.
Reveal the power of the 6-base genome with duet multiomics solution evoC

Reveal the Power of the 6-Base Genome With duet multiomics solution evoC

Distinguish 5mC & 5hmC together with all 4 canonical bases to measure multiple modes of biology from a 5ng cfDNA sample in a single experiment. Identify new multimodal biomarkers to gain transformative insight into current & future states of disease.
DNA bases.
Product News

Estonia National Biobank Selects PacBio To Sequence 10,000 Whole Genomes

HiFi data generated on the Revioä system will support the EU and Estonian government-funded Center for Personalized Medicine and unlock discoveries across cardiology, mental and reproductive health, drug response, cancer research and rare diseases.
A healthcare worker tends to a patient receiving treatment in the hospital

Improving Cancer Patient Care With Professor Mark Lawler

In this article, Mark Lawler, professor of digital health, answers your questions about these revolutionary techniques and discusses the barriers to their implementation in the clinic. Prof. Lawler has an international reputation in cancer research and a focus on developing a molecular understanding of cancer to improve patient care, including through precision medicine.
A mass spectrometer.
Product News

Seer ProteographTM Enables Unprecedented Genetic Marker Mapping for Proteogenomics Studies

Study demonstrates identification of protein altering variants for population-scale protein quantitative trait loci (pQTL) studies. Proteograph Product Suite enables scalable deep, unbiased proteomics by mass spectrometry.
Two vials of blood.
Product News

Tecan Offers an Integrated Solution Suite for Liquid Biopsy Workflows

Tecan is announcing a streamlined solution portfolio to enable liquid biopsy applications, from upstream workflows to downstream analysis for genomics and proteomics applications.
Two blood samples.
Product News

PlaqueTec and the Babraham Institute Collaborate on Phenotypic Screen of Coronary Artery Blood

The project aims to investigate cell types present in coronary artery samples from patients with CAD participating in PlaqueTec’s BIOPATTERN trial. The Assay will be available as a service in the Babraham Institute’s Flow Cytometry Facility.