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Pesticides – News and Features

Two cacao pods on a tree.

Vaccines for Cacao Trees Could Save West Africa's Chocolate Trade

A rapidly spreading virus is jeopardizing the global supply of chocolate, but vaccinating cocoa trees could help prevent the spread of the virus.
A seaside town with a beach and sea in the foreground.

Protecting Our Oceans Starts With Testing – Part One

The analytical testing of our oceans is paramount to check for the presence and concentrations of pollutants, helping protect human health and biodiversity. The resulting data can also help to ensure compliance and give insights into climate change.
A coffee bean between tweezers.

Is Lab-Grown Coffee the Sustainable Brew of the Future?

Dr. Heiko Rischer, head of plant biotechnology at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, breaks down the promise of bioreactor-brewed coffee.
Honeybees fly into their hive.

Honeybee Population Decline Is More Complex Than Previously Thought

It's not a single pesticide or virus affecting honey bees, they are exposed to a complex web of multiple interacting stressors while pollinating crops.
A bee on a flower.

Bumblebees Can Ingest Several Pesticides Without Harm

In their natural environment, wild bees are exposed to various pesticides that can have a potentially toxic effect. A study by the University of Würzburg has now shown that bumblebees are relatively resistant to these products.

PFAS Identified in Pesticides Used on British Fruit and Veg

In a new investigation, Pesticide Action Network UK says it identified 10 different PFAS-containing pesticides used on UK fruit and vegetables.
A green, white and black stripy caterpillar on a leaf.

Caterpillars Have Surprisingly Sophisticated Noses

Caterpillars use their antenna to scan their surroundings, and this tiny "nose" is more sophisticated than previously thought.
Foaming water running over brown leaves on the ground.

Global Source Water Exceeds PFAS Safe Drinking Limits

A new UNSW-led international study, published today in Nature Geoscience, assessed the levels of PFAS contamination in surface and ground water around the globe.
A bee lands on a purple flower.

Rusty-Patched Bumblebees’ Genetics Reveal Unique Conservation Needs

The genetics of the first bee species to be listed as endangered could help conservationists restore the population by revealing their unique conservation needs.
Bacteria growing on an agar plate.

Enzymatic Cocktail Offers New Hope Against Tuberculosis

With resistance to chemical antibiotics on the rise, the world needs entirely new forms of antimicrobials. A new study shows that an enzymatic cocktail can kill a variety of mycobacterial species of bacteria, including those that cause tuberculosis.