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Pharmacovigilance – News and Features

Magnifying glass placed over a jigsaw piece with the word "quality" written on it.

Create Therapies Confidently With Quality by Design

In this article, one of the leading quality control strategies being implemented by pharmaceutical manufacturers is discussed.
3D protein molecules showing the molecular backbone

An Introduction to Protein Purification: Methods, Technologies and Applications

The ability to obtain pure proteins is essential for developing drugs, creating vaccines and understanding biological processes. In this article, we discuss what a typical protein purification protocol involves and the various techniques used.
A person pointing at and interpreting some brain scans.

New Alzheimer’s Drug Donanemab Approved by FDA

The drug donanemab (also known as Kisunla™) has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of adults with early symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
A purple-stained microscope slide showing two grades of prostate cancer.

Potential New “Gold Standard” Test Could Reduce Deaths From Prostate Cancer

A new study shows that PET/CT imaging using a new tracing agent is more accurate at determining the extent of prostate cancer than the current standard MRI.
A close up of someone being tattooed.

Tattoo Inks Found Contaminated with Harmful Bacteria

Researchers have detected anaerobic and aerobic bacteria in commercial tattoo and permanent makeup inks. The findings demonstrate that the inks could be a source of human infections.
Cancer cells.

Compounds Discovered That Convert a Protein Into a “Tumor Killer”

Oregon State University researchers have discovered compounds that convert a protein known for protecting cancer cells into a tumor killer.

Calorie-Storing Fat Cells Can Be Turned Into Calorie-Burning Fat Cells

UCSF study finds that switching off a protein in white fat cells could open the door to developing a new class of weight-loss drugs.
A white and blue strand of DNA.

Gene Therapy Halts Progression of Young Boy’s Rare Genetic Condition

Gene therapy has slowed the progression of an "ultra-rare" progressive neurodegenerative disorder.
Microbes in the gut lining.

Changing the Gut Microbiome May Improve Outcomes for Some Kidney Cancer Patients

Modulating the gut microbiome during immunotherapy treatment could improve outcomes for advanced kidney cancer patients, a phase 1 trial indicates.
A cancer patients hand attached to a tube.

Long-Term Hearing Loss From Cisplatin-Based Chemotherapy Uncovered

An interdisciplinary study led by researchers at the University of South Florida and Indiana University has uncovered significant findings on the long-term effects of one of the most common forms of chemotherapy on cancer survivors.