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Pharmacovigilance – Products

Organ on a chip.
Product News

CN Bio PhysioMimix Organ-on-a-Chip Data Supports Inipharm’s INI-822 for Metabolic Liver Disease Treatment

PhysioMimix NASH assay used to provide human-relevant data on compound efficacy for Inipharm’s lead candidate, INI-822.
A lab worker pipetting a solution onto a plate.
Product News

FDA Grants Fast Track Designation to SonALAsense’s SONALA-001

Encouraging preliminary data from the ongoing DIPG clinical study to be presented at the 2023 Society for Neuro-Oncology Annual Meeting in Vancouver.
A worker in a lab.
Product News

Glox Therapeutics Secures £4.3M Seed Funding to Develop Precision Antimicrobials Targeting Drug-resistant Bacteria

Glox Therapeutics, announced it has raised £4.3M in seed funding to develop effective targeted therapeutics against antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative bacteria.
A scientist behind a screen.
Product News

Armis Biopharma Announces Receipt of a $20.3 Million Contract with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to Develop Veriox® DECON for Battlefield Wounds

Armis Biopharma, Inc. announced that the company received a $20.3 million contract from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to develop its proprietary Veriox® DECON chemical warfare agent (CWA) decontamination product.
A doctor holding a clipboard with a patient.
Product News

OncoHost To Present Proteomics-Based Predictive Biomarker for Immune-Related Adverse Events in NSCLC Patients

Novel computational model accurately predicts significant irAEs in NSCLC patients based on proteomic profiling of one pre-treatment blood test.
A frozen Eppendorf tube held with tweezers.
Product News

Modelling Enables Breakthroughs in Neuromuscular Disease Research

A team of scientists have developed a protocol for the fabrication of a 3D microfluidic neuromuscular platform that can be used to model Motor Neuron Diseases (MND’s).
Product News

Lonza Further Extends Collaboration With Major Biopharmaceutical Partner for Manufacturing Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Extended long-term collaboration to provide significant additional bioconjugation capacity for commercialization of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for use against hard-to-treat cancers.
Seahorse XF MitoTox Assay Kit, mitochondrial toxicity, drug discovery, toxicity assessment, toxicology research, drug safety

Seahorse XF MitoTox Assay Kit for Mitochondrial Toxicity and Drug Safety Evaluation

The Agilent Seahorse XF MitoTox assay kit allows for the direct functional measurements of mitochondrial oxygen consumption rates (OCR) and identification of drug-induced mitochondrial toxicity in drug safety evaluation studies
AI written on a computer chip.
Product News

New Cell & Gene Therapy Solutions From Form Bio Analyze Billions of Potential Construct Candidates

Form Bio, announced capabilities for cell and gene therapy companies to rapidly model billions of potential construct candidates.
Drug molecules.
Product News

Kuano Raises £1.8M in Seed Funding to Accelerate Quantum Drug Discovery

Kuano, announced the close of its £1.8M seed funding round. The investment will facilitate further validation of Kuano’s quantum simulation platform for the design of more effective drug candidates targeting enzymes.