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RNA-Seq – News and Features

A girl sitting on a chair looking out a window.

PTSD and Depression Have Shared and Distinct Brain Molecular Dysregulations

McLean Hospital researchers uncovered both shared and distinct molecular changes across brain regions, genomic layers, cell types and blood in individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depressive disorder (MDD).
A 3D model of a human heart.

Adhesive Coatings Can Prevent Scarring Around Medical Implants

MIT engineers found a way to eliminate the buildup of scar tissue around implantable devices, by coating them with a hydrogel adhesive. The material binds the device to tissue and prevents the immune system from attacking the device.
Two heads of wheat, one with sections labelled in pink.

Altering This Gene in Wheat Could Boost Yields

Molecular pathways regulated by a gene that controls wheat-flowering behavior could be altered to achieve greater yields.
Two doctors stitching a patient after surgery

How Cells React to Pig Heart and Kidney Transplants in Humans

Two new studies reveal changes at the single-cell level in the organs and recipients’ bodies before, during and after transplantation with genetically modified pig organs in decedents.
An outline of the brain, with different areas shown in green and dark blue.

CRISPR Method Rapidly Examines Cellular Drivers of Neurological Diseases

A new CRISPR screening method offers a look into the "black box" of the brain in neurological disorders, potentially uncovering new therapeutic targets and treatments.
Photograph of a pregnant woman holding her stomach

Placenta Map Reveals Source of Infection-Related Pregnancy Complications

Researchers using “mini placentas” from human samples have created the first map of human placenta infection pathways. This could highlight potential drug targets to develop pregnancy-safe therapies for preventing severe pregnancy complications.
A researcher collects water from a pond using a conical flask.

Water Analysis: A Pollution Solution?

Water represents a means to hydrate, wash, cook, clean and even to dispose of waste, but these activities are not without consequences. This article will discuss current areas of concern in water quality analysis and highlight some of the key techniques in detection and remediation efforts.
Different pills in packets.

Study Finds Opportunities for Personalized Glioblastoma Treatment

Proteogenomic analysis of glioblastoma recurrence has offered potential new therapeutic avenues and opportunities for personalized treatment.
A graphic showing internal organs in a [person with the stomach circled in red. DNA and molecules fill the background.

Researchers Discover “Training Program” That Turns Stomach Stem Cells Into Acid-Producers

The discovery of the "training program" used by stem cells to form acid-producing cells could help research into heartburn, indigestion, peptic ulcers and stomach cancers.

Scientists Investigate the “Training Program” of Stomach Acid-Producing Cells

Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and collaborating institutions identified the genes that were preferentially expressed by emerging parietal cells (PCs) to guide their development.