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RNA-Seq – Products

Testube for solid Tissue Samples
App Note / Case Study

Quantitative Profiling of Cell Type Composition in Solid Tissue Samples

This application note explores the performance characteristics of a tissue panel for profiling both FF and FFPE tissue samples using a state-of-the-art software solution for digital cytometry.
A cell.
Product News

Curio Bioscience Announces Early Access to the World’s First Product To Transform Single-Cell Sequencing Data Into Spatial Context

Curio Bioscience licenses a novel method from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to fuel the next generation of discovery research.
High Throughput Bulk RNA Barcoding and Sequencing
App Note / Case Study

High-Throughput Bulk RNA Barcoding and Sequencing

This app note highlights a convenient, efficient and reliable workflow for massively multiplexed RNA-seq experiments.
Detecting Coding Genes
App Note / Case Study

Streamlined RNA Capture for Gene Expression and Novel Fusions

This application note presents capture sequencing using a novel RNA exome panel as a powerful approach to specifically target the transcriptome to profile gene expression and discover novel fusion genes.
High-Throughput Screening Methods for Drug Discovery content piece image

High-Throughput Screening Methods for Drug Discovery

Due to the sheer number of possible compounds available, pharmaceutical companies have been adopting high-throughput screening (HTS) methods that can screen chemical libraries rapidly and inexpensively to identify the most promising compounds with activity against a specific biological target.
Product News

Scale Biosciences Unveils Platform for Dramatic Scaling of Single-Cell Experiments and Announces Partnerships

Company announces roadmap anchored by new two plate workflow enabling preparation of samples up to 2 million cells and beyond. New collaborations with Vizgen, BioLegend, and SPT Labtech will extend range.
Genomic Sequencing
App Note / Case Study

Custom Solutions for RNA and DNA-Sequencing in Cancer Research

This application note highlights how clinical scientists optimized genomics testing methods to attain reliable fusion data from FFPE samples.

A spatial map of cells.
Product News

Spatial Biology Multi-Omics Profiling Tools for Advanced Biomedical Research

AMSBIO announce the launch of a custom service providing access to a suite of powerful spatial biology multi-omics profiling tools.
The corner of a macbook.
Product News

Oxford Nanopore Meets Apple’s M3 Silicon Chip

CEO Gordon Sanghera discusses how Apple’s latest product announcement means complex processing required for DNA/RNA sequencing can now be run from the latest MacBook Pro™ or iMac ™.
Double helix structure of DNA.
Product News

PacBio Announces Kinnex RNA Kits

Building on the MAS-seq concatenation method, these three new kits can significantly increase throughput in RNA application.