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Sustainability – News and Features

Leaves on a coca plant.

Scientists Still Don't Know How To Differentiate Cocaine Species

Scientists struggle to tell apart wild coca plants from those grown for (sometimes illegal) human uses.
Solar panels on grass, with a blue sky above.

Promising Material for Solar Energy Gets a Curious Boost From Entropy

The recent development of a new class of organic semiconductors known as non-fullerene acceptors has enhanced solar energy and a new study has shown how.
Pink cells.

Long-Lived Proteins Are Essential to Egg Cell Maintenance

Long-lived proteins in egg cells appear to help maintain fertility for as long as possible.
Crops under sunshine.

Archaeologists Find Earliest Evidence of Crop Farming in East Africa

A trove of ancient plant remains excavated in Kenya helps explain the history of plant farming in equatorial eastern Africa.
Solar panels on a small incline

Faster Charge Transfer Mechanism Could Lead to Better Solar Cells

Researchers have detailed the study of a new charge transfer mechanism that is much faster than and doubles the total charge transfer efficiency of the traditional mechanism.
A pile of light bulbs.

New Separation Process Can Mine Rare Metals From Electronic Waste

In a new study, a research team has presented a simple method for efficiently separating and recovering the rare earth metal europium from complex mixtures including other rare earth metals.
A yak grazes on grassland in Qinghai, China.

Local Communities Are Indispensable to Ecosystem Restoration, Say Researchers

The grassland of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau in western China is degrading due to climate change and intense livestock grazing. Research has demonstrated that local community members are indispensable in enhancing community engagement to repair damaged ecosystems.
A green tractor halfway through ploughing a field.

Permaculture Agriculture Boosts Biodiversity

New research shows that permaculture brings about a significant improvement in biodiversity, soil quality and carbon storage.
White fluffy clouds form the letters CO2 on a blue sky.

Copper Nanoclusters Convert CO2 Into Useful Methane

Researchers have designed a copper nanocluster-based catalyst that converts carbon dioxide into useful methane.
An electric car, plugged in to charge.

New Electrolyte Design Could Significantly Boost Range of Electric Vehicles

Researchers have radically reduced the amount of environmentally harmful fluorine required to stabilize lithium metal batteries, bringing the next generation of high-energy batteries one step closer.