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Synthetic Biology – News and Features

The molecular structure of a protein, shown as purple folds and helixes.

Deep Learning Improves Protein Design

A research team has used deep learning methods to support de novo protein design, resulting in a 10-fold increase in success rates for a protein binding with its target.
Image shows the design of a protein nanowire, with the green arrow indicating electron flow.

Pioneering Study Signals New Era of Environment-Friendly Programmable Bioelectronics

Researchers have developed a way to make conductive, biodegradable wires from designed proteins. They say that these wires have the potential for use in biosensors to diagnose diseases and detect environmental pollutants.
Wood chips.

Engineered Yeast Turn Agricultural Waste Into Biofuels and More

Researchers have developed modified yeast that can feed on a wider range of materials such as leaves, husks, stems and wood chips.
Gene edited DNA helix.

The Next 10 Years: What’s Coming for Gene Editing in the Clinic

The next 10 years will likely bring gene editing to market for an array of rare conditions. However, making the potential benefits broadly available won’t be without roadblocks. Here, we explore some of the issues the industry will have to contend with.
DNA strand.

Synthetic Biology: Engineering Meets Biology

Featuring expert academic insights, this article will outline recent research advancements in synthetic biology, including novel methods and applications.
DNA double helix on a blue background.
Industry Insight

You Have No Moat – The Great AI Democratization Spells New Challenges and Opportunities for SynBio Companies

This article examines the impact of the democratization of computational design and discusses how synthetic biology companies must shift focus if they are to remain competitive.
Sorghum crops with a blue sky in the background.

Mapping the Proteins That Keep Plant Growth in Check

A novel approach to synthetic biology could revolutionize how scientists improve plants for bioenergy and agriculture.
Synthetic DNA

Hachimoji DNA Could Help To Create New Biofuels

Quantum biologists have investigated how protons move in a synthetic form of DNA not yet found in natural life.
Two boats of researchers in the Antarctic ocean.

Novel Antarctic Bacteria May Have Medical, Nutritional and Environmental Applications

A scientific collaboration is experimenting with two new bacteria discovered in the Antarctic ten years ago, in order to verify the possibility of applications in healthcare, food processing and environmental rehabilitation.
A pair of gloved hands hold a petri dish containing pink liquid.

Bacteria Created That Can Synthesize an Unnatural Amino Acid

Researchers have engineered bacteria to produce an unnatural amino acid with a rare functional group that has implications in immune system regulation, providing a foundation for developing future immunotherapies.