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The COVID-19 Pandemic – Products

A man in a lab coat holding a tube rack in a laboratory.
Product News

Partnership With Microsaic Systems for Optimer-Enabled Water Monitoring

New binders will be developed to multiple waterborne pathogens. Optimer will support continuous water monitoring for rapid detection.
Influenza A.
Product News

Integrated DNA Technologies Announces New Primers and Probe Set To Identify H5N1 Avian Influenza

PCR/qPCR solution will support surveillance and monitoring of the current H5N1 strain of bird flu in response to multi-state outbreak in U.S. dairy cows.
RNA strand.
Product News

Atriva Therapeutics Secures Us Patent for Mek Inhibitor Zapnometinib (Atr-002)

Zapnometinib is now ready for clinical development in severe influenza, an area without approved therapies and with a rapidly evolving pandemic threat from bird flu virus H5N1.
The Fluidity One-M instrument with the inbuilt Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS) technology.
Product News

Fluidic Sciences Relaunches Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing—Refining Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis

Fluidic Sciences Ltd., announces its official launch as a company, and the commercial relaunch of the acquired Fluidity One-M instrument for measuring protein-protein interactions in solution—leveraging Microfluidic Diffusional Sizing (MDS) technology.
A strand of mRNA.
Product News

TriLink BioTechnologies® Announces New San Diego Facility for Late Phase mRNA Drug Substance Production

TriLink BioTechnologies (TriLink®), a Maravai LifeSciences company (NASDAQ: MRVI) has announced the grand opening of its new cGMP mRNA manufacturing facility.
Someone holding up a thermal camera at a laptop.
Product News

From Challenger to Leader: China Consolidates Its Presence in Thermal Imaging

China shifts its focus to thermal imaging technologies, securing 50% of worldwide shipments in 2023.
A laboratory worker holding a metal disc.
Product News

Bosch and Randox Invest Heavily in the Vivalytic Analysis Platform

With its Vivalytic analysis platform, Bosch has set itself the goal of making fast and highly precise diagnostics accessible at the point of care. To achieve this, Bosch has now agreed on a strategic partnership with Randox Laboratories Ltd.
An illustration of a conveyor belt in a factory, with multiple vaccine vials being filled systematically

How To Accelerate Vaccine Production – And Avoid Speed Bumps

This article explores key challenges in vaccine development scale up and highlights various strategies for overcoming them.
Three men cutting a rope.
Product News

Single Use Support Opens US Office

Fluid and cold chain management expert Single Use Support has opened a subsidiary in Lexington, Massachusetts. Equipped with a product showroom, the office will also serve as a base for increased US staff.
A capsule split in two with metal molecules spilling out of it.
Product News

Noramco Announces Strategic Alignment With Purisys and Halo Pharma, Launching the Noramco Group

The Noramco group addresses critical supply chain challenges, offering comprehensive active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and drug product solutions.