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Therapeutic Delivery – News and Features

An individual receiving a vaccination from a medical professional

Could a Novel RNA-Based Vaccine Strategy Stop Endless Boosters?

A novel vaccination strategy utilizing small interfering RNA molecules could protect infants from COVID-19 and flu with a single shot. The study suggests that the vaccine strategy could offer continued protection even if the virus mutates.
A large white cancer cell is attacked by two small red immune cells.

Immunotherapy Developed To Localize Cancer-Killing Molecules

A new immunotherapy has been developed that localizes cytokines to tumors for weeks while preserving their activity.
A bag of medication hanging on a drip stand.

Targeted Liver Cancer Treatment May Help Cut Side Effects

3D-printed films loaded with drugs could be used to kill cancer cells while minimizing the toxicity of traditional chemotherapy.
A person holding their hand up to a window while it rains outside.

Ketamine Reduces Depression After Childbirth, Study Finds

A single low dose of esketamine – the active form of the anesthetic drug, ketamine – can reduce depressive episodes when given immediately after childbirth, a new study has found.
Holes in material.

Discovery of Nanoscale Voids Poised To Enhance the Performance of Filtration Materials

Researchers have unveiled nanoscale voids in three dimensions, using high-powered microscopy and mathematical theory. This advancement is poised to improve the performance of many filtration materials.
A person wearing a virtual reality headset.

Virtual Reality Therapy Helps Decrease Cancer Pain, Study Finds

A new study has used virtual reality (VR) to help reduce cancer pain for hospitalized patients, potentially providing a non-invasive and non-pharmacologic approach to improve the quality of life for people with cancer.
Molecular strands of the device surrounded by chemical structures.

Molecular Device Triggers Drug Delivery and Self-Healing Materials

Scientists have developed a first-of-its-kind molecular device that controls the release of multiple small molecules using force.
Orange and white pills spill from a prescription bottle.

Researchers Decode the Mechanism of Action of Hepatitis B and D Virus Inhibitor

The molecular mechanisms behind the action of the hepatitis B and D virus inhibitor bulevirtide have been revealed, potentially paving the way to more targeted treatments.
A 3D model of a human heart.

Nasal Spray Safely Treats Heart Rhythm Condition in Trial

A clinical trial led by Weill Cornell Medicine investigators showed that a nasal spray that patients administer at home, without a physician, successfully and safely treated recurrent episodes of a condition that causes rapid abnormal heart rhythms.
3-D printed objects.

Biodegradable Aerogel: Airy Cellulose Materials From a 3D Printer

Empa researchers have succeeded in 3D printing the natural material into complex shapes that could one day serve as precision insulation in microelectronics or as personalized medical implants.