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Vaccine Manufacture and Supply – Multimedia

Vaccine Research and Development

Vaccine Research and Development

The pandemic has ushered in a vaccines “golden era”. Long-term investment in vaccine manufacturing has been prioritized, as has the pursuit of novel vaccine platforms. In this infographic, we explore recent advances in vaccine research and development.

Solutions for Vaccine Development

This eBook highlights ways that you can level up your vaccine research with selected bioreactor tools to fit your vaccine development workflow.
Vaccine Development Pipeline content piece image

Vaccine Development Pipeline

Vaccines are critical for the prevention of infectious diseases and improvement of global health. Better understanding of the immune system and the availability of advanced structural biology tools and genetic delivery systems have unlocked new possibilities to improve vaccine development.
Quality by Digital Design for RNA Vaccine and Therapeutic Production content piece image

Quality by Digital Design for RNA Vaccine and Therapeutic Production

Speaking at the Vaccine Research & Development 2022 online symposium, Zoltan Kis from the University of Sheffield discussed digital design for RNA vaccine and therapeutic production.
A syringe pulling clear liquid from a vial.

Life Savers – A Brief History of Vaccines

Download this listicle to explore the early days of vaccination, how vaccine production leapt forward, and a new era in vaccines and future challenges.
Intensify Vaccine Development content piece image

Intensify Vaccine Development

Download this eBook to learn how innovations in purification technology can address global vaccine development needs.
The Problem of Vaccine Spoilage content piece image

The Problem of Vaccine Spoilage

Illustrating the realities of (and threats to) global vaccine supply chains, technologist and TED Fellow Nithya Ramanathan describes how smart sensors placed in fridges that store medical supplies can provide crucial, real-time data and ensure people get the life-saving care they need.
Advances in Vaccine Research content piece image

Advances in Vaccine Research

Download this eBook to explore mRNA vaccine technology applications beyond COVID-19, vaccine types, administration routes, vaccine manufacturing, and much more.
Vaccine Development content piece image

Vaccine Development

This infographic provides an overview of vaccine development history, exploring how manufacturing pipelines differ for "traditional" and "new-era" vaccines, and how these processes can be accelerated.
Accelerated Manufacturing of mRNA Vaccines content piece image
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Accelerated Manufacturing of mRNA Vaccines

Accelerated timelines are critical when responding to an outbreak and efficient vaccine manufacturing is required to enable a quicker transition from research to the clinic, saving lives. mRNAs allow biotechnology companies to develop vaccines in response to pandemics, such as COVID-19, in a matter of weeks.