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Water Analysis – News and Features

Foam on top of brown leaves.

“Forever Chemicals” Can Penetrate Human Skin

New research proves for the first time that a wide range of PFAS (perfluoroalkyl substances) – chemicals which do not break down in nature – can permeate the skin barrier and reach the body’s bloodstream.
A hand holding a cleaning sponge.

“Magic” Sponges Shed Microplastics When Scrubbed

According to research, melamine sponges shed microplastic fibers when worn down and could release over a trillion of these pollutants every month.
A pipe releasing water into a pond.

Caffeine Levels May Help Pinpoint Polluting Wastewater Leaks

Wastewater systems designed to keep harmful pollutants out of storm drainage are aging and deteriorating, sending contaminants into local bodies of water. Caffeine levels could help find the source of the leaks.
Fruits and vegetables at a supermarket.

Water Parasite Found in Supermarket Pre-Washed Vegetables

The parasite Cryptosporidium was found in over 17% of samples of pre-washed vegetables from supermarkets in South-East England.
Fish swimming among plastic waste.

New Spectroscopy Method Simplifies Measurement of Microplastics in Soil

Researchers have developed a novel yet simple method to measure N/MP concentration in different soil types using spectroscopy at two wavelengths.
An ocean wave

New Method Optimizes Lithium Extraction From Seawater and Groundwater

Scientists have demonstrated a new method to extract valuable lithium from very dilute liquids – including seawater, groundwater and the “flowback water” generated from fracking and offshore oil drilling operations.
Close up of a researcher wearing blue gloves collecting a soil sample.

Digging Deep: Emerging Contaminants in Soil

Soil could be our planet's unsung hero, quietly working behind the scenes to keep everything in balance. This article will discuss some of the worrying emerging contaminants detected in soil and how scientists are rising to the analytical challenge.
Green cabbages growing close together.

Tire Wear Additives Found in Leafy Green Vegetables

Chemical residues from car tires have been found in leafy vegetables grown for human consumption.
Mussels clustered together.

Mussels Downstream of Wastewater Facility Contain Radium

Mussels downstream of a wastewater facility that processed fracking wastewater from the oil and gas industry have been found to contain radium.
Three trout swim in water.

Trout Living in Rivers Polluted by Old Mines Are Genetically “Isolated”

Trout living in rivers polluted by old mines have become metal-tolerant, making them genetically distinct and isolated from the wider population of trout.