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What Will the Field of Genomics Look Like in 5–10 Years? How Will It Get There?

Video   Feb 06, 2019 | Taken from Youtube


As one of a series of activities devoted to strategic planning, NHGRI hosted a three-day workshop, From Genome to Phenotype: Genomic Variation Identification, Association, and Function in Human Health and Disease. 

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Laws of Genetics


The study of Genetics is incomplete without studying the Laws put forth by Mendel. The Three Laws of Genetics give us an idea of the types of genes, how exactly the genes separate from each other and even tell us how they assort irrespective of each other during gamete formation. Watch this video to get introduced and understand the Three Laws of Genetics in detail.


Inside the Ant Lab: Mutants and Social Genes


Social insects such as ants and bees often have complex societies, but understanding the genetics behind their social interactions can be difficult due to their complex lifecycles. This lab in New York hopes to investigate the genetics of ant social behaviour by focussing on an unusual species: the Clonal Raider Ant.


Seattle Children's Hospital SIDS Research with Microsoft Genomics


Discover how Microsoft Genomics is empowering organizations to explore new avenues of research. The Seattle Children's Hospital SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) research with Microsoft Genomics uses Microsoft AI to analyze data in a massive scale. With Microsoft AI, Seattle Children's Hospital is able to identify genetic contributions to pediatric disorders and come closer to reaching their goals of recognizing SIDS earlier and preventing it from happening.



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