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Advances in Multiomics Screening of Microbes in Biotechnology

Advances in Multiomics Screening of Microbes in Biotechnology content piece image
Design–build–test–learn (DBTL) cycles are commonly used in biotechnology and in natural product discovery as they provide a systemic and efficient framework for the metabolic engineering of microbes.

A novel platform that automates multiomics analyses of microbes could enable faster and better DBLT cycles for your research. In this webinar, the development and validation of the high-throughput, automated platform using model microbial organisms is described, as well as the recent work in applying the platform to cell factory and natural products engineering.

Attend this webinar to:
  • Learn how automation can enable better and faster DBLT cycles in the life sciences
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of taking an automated and digital approach to life science workflows
  • Discover the next frontiers of technology that will have an impact in biotechnology
Dr. Douglas McCloskey
Dr. Douglas McCloskey
Independent Consultant