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Ask Me Anything: Battery Research

Battery research focuses on enhancing battery performance, including their lifespan, energy storage capacity, and safety. This innovation benefits various applications like smartphones, electric vehicles, and sustainable energy solutions.

This Ask Me Anything session to explores the world of battery research with
 Kieran O'Regan, COO and co-founder of About:Energy.

And this isn't your ordinary webinar or passive lecture. It's an interactive journey where YOU take an active role, with the chance to have your questions answered. 

During this session, you will have to unique opportunity to:

  • Engage in Q&A:  Pose your questions directly to Kieran and receive. This is your opportunity to engage with the trailblazer himself.
  • Gain Expert Perspectives: Participate in a dynamic exchange of ideas as Kieran shares his thoughts on questions posed by fellow participants.

You can ask anything, from how batteries work to the challenges of electrification, experiences in academia versus industry, and our vision for the future of battery development. 

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Keynote Speaker
Kieran O'Regan
Kieran O'Regan
COO and Co-Founder of About:Energy
Lucy Lawrence
Lucy Lawrence
Senior Digital Content Producer
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