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Battery Research

Ask Me Anything: Battery Research

The future of sustainable energy hinges on next-generation battery technology. We're excited to announce an exclusive live Ask Me Anything session focused entirely on battery research!

Join us and engage with Professor Wei Lu, a leading authority in battery research from the University of Michigan. Professor Lu is renowned for his groundbreaking work in understanding how various battery parameters impact energy density, power density, and cycle life.  His research has significantly shaped the field, optimizing battery performance and extending lifespans.

Whether you're curious about:

  • The next generation of battery technology
  • How batteries can power a sustainable future
  • The latest breakthroughs in energy storage research
  • The challenges and opportunities in battery development

This live Ask Me Anything event is for YOU!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a pioneer in the field and enhance your research. Reserve your spot for the live session and submit your questions now!

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Professor Wei Lu
Professor Wei Lu
Mechanical Engineering
University of Michigan
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