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Ask Me Anything: Emerging Alternate Foods

The future of food is rapidly evolving with the development of alternative protein sources. These innovative solutions aim to create sustainable, environmentally friendly options that minimize the impact of animal agriculture. From plant-based proteins to cultured meat and insect-derived products, scientists and food technologists are pioneering new food products that replicate or replace traditional animal-based proteins like meat, dairy and eggs.

Technology Networks is thrilled to present an exclusive opportunity to engage with Andy Shovel, co-founder of THIS. Its your chance to ask Andy anything about his remarkable career or gain insights into the future of food in 2024 and beyond.

Andy is a respected entrepreneur and influential figure in the sphere of sustainable food innovation. As the CEO and co-founder of THIS, he has been instrumental in driving the evolution of alternative food solutions, spearheading initiatives that redefine the way society approaches food consumption.

In this on-demand session, you can look forward to:

  • Exclusive Insights: Explore the world of future foods and what this means for you.
  • Interactive Q&A: Connect with Andy Shovel and get insightful responses to your questions.
  • Gain Expert Perspectives: Participate in the exchange of ideas as Andy shares his thoughts on questions posed by fellow participants.

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Keynote Speaker
Andy Shovel
Andy Shovel
Founder and Co-CEO
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