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CDS Webinar Series: Built for IT Without Compromise

CDS Webinar Series: Built for IT Without Compromise content piece image

Chromatography data system software is an integral part of a laboratory's IT structure, enabling compliant, efficient and reliable handling of chromatography data.

In this webinar series, experts from Thermo Fisher Scientific will explore a range of benefits that a chromatography data system can provide to IT system administrators and lab managers, from backup and disaster recovery to a solution for remote working.

Leverage CDS for Remote Working - Learn in this virtual session how your chromatography data system can provide a solution for remote working that benefits both IT and the lab, accommodating different levels of system architecture, which in turn delivers efficiency gains that will be realized across the board. (Speaker: Peter Zipfell)

Backup and Disaster Recovery - Discover in this webinar how your chromatography data system can facilitate system resilience and safeguard your data. (Speaker: Barbara van Cann)

Total Data Life Cycle - Find out how the power of connecting business software solutions can simplify the challenge and ensure an uninterrupted data flow throughout its life cycle. (Speakers: Katie Evans & Darren Barrington-Light)

Ease of Compliance - Discover how your CDS can support the compliance needs for IT with easy-to-use tools, designed to reduce management effort without compromise. (Speaker: Patrick Kenny)