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CRISPR for Disease Detection and the Future of Accessible Healthcare


CRISPR for Disease Detection and the Future of Accessible Healthcare

Who's speaking at this Webinar?

Ashley Tehranchi, Co-founder and CTO
Mammoth Biosciences

This webinar explores the technology behind Mammoth Biosciences’ newly announced CRISPR-powered diagnostics platform, giving insight to CRISPR and how it works for disease detection.

In this webinar, Ashley will first give an explanation of what CRISPR does and how it’s been used up until this point. From there, she will dive into the ways in which CRISPR can be leveraged for disease detection, and how CRISPR can be used to democratize sample analysis in everything from healthcare to agriculture.

In addition, she will also give an overview of her own recently-launched company, Mammoth Biosciences, a biotech company that has developed the world’s first and only CRISPR-enabled detection platform capable of sensing any biomarker or disease with DNA/RNA.

Viewers will walk away with:

A better understanding of CRISPR technology, how it works, and how it has been used up until this point

A strong grasp on the potential for CRISPR technology for disease
detection, and how it could increase medical accessibility in places
struggling to find healthcare

An in-depth look at how CRISPR technology is poised to make dramatic
advancements across a variety of industries, from healthcare to
agriculture to livestock to even oil and gas

An inside look at Mammoth’s first-of-its-kind platform (co-founded by CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna)


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