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bit.bio webinar hosted by Technology Networks, being held on July 19 2023 @ 4pm BST

Driving Genome-Wide Consistency in Cellular Reprogramming

Biological variance poses challenges when using human iPSC-derived cells in vitro, leading to inconsistent experimental results and data variability.

In this webinar, Dr. Ania Wilczynska will discuss a new method for making human iPSC-derived cells, opti-oxTM  precision cellular reprogramming technology.  This technology synchronously reprograms iPSCs with remarkable genome-wide consistency. Through transcriptome analysis, Ania will demonstrate that opti-ox reprogrammed iPSC-derived cells show minimal biological variance between users, manufacturing lots and time periods.

You’ll discover how this long-term cellular consistency can enable researchers to investigate functions of genes or responses to various compounds in great detail, using a human-relevant model system.

Attend this webinar to:
  • Understand the factors impacting experimental variance when using iPSC-derived cells
  • Explore a new method of cell generation called opti-ox, which enables precise reprogramming of iPSCs into defined, functional cell types
  • Discover the impact of opti-ox technology on cell consistency
  • Hear how this technology has been used for consistent and precise reprogramming of iPSCs to glutamatergic neurons, GABAergic neurons, microglia and sensory neurons  
Dr. Ania Wilczynska
Dr. Ania Wilczynska
Head of Computational Genomics, Non-Clinical, bit.bio

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