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Next-Generation Multiomics for Single-Cell and Spatial Profiling

 Next-Generation Multiomics for Single-Cell and Spatial Profiling content piece image

Groundbreaking discoveries require innovative tools. Single-cell and spatial sequencing technologies have transformed our understanding of biology by letting us profile and visualize cell and tissue heterogeneity with powerful resolution.

To reach new insights into complex biology, researchers need next-generation multiomics — the ability to capture multiple measurements simultaneously from the same single cell or tissue section.

In this webinar, learn about the next generation of multiomics tools to advance your research. Hear about the latest breakthroughs and innovations in single-cell and spatial multiomic profiling of combined transcriptome, epigenome or protein and how these methods have uncovered novel insights in cancer research, neuroscience and more.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Get an overview of the next generation of single-cell and spatial multiomic technologies, including the various combinations of -omics that can be measured simultaneously
  • See how researchers are applying the latest multiomic methods to make discoveries in cancer, neuroscience and other fields
  • Obtain tips and tricks for setting up multiomic workflows in your lab
Laura DeMare, PhD
Laura DeMare, PhD
Product Manager, 10x Genomics